Stop Driving Us Crazy! (1959): A Methodist Moralising Martian Motor Movie

Stop Driving Us Crazy! Driving Safety Cartoon 1959


In 1959, Dr. Caradine R. Hooton, General Secretary, of the Board Of Temperance of the Methodist Church introduced Earthlings to Rusty the Martian. Escaping an oxygen shortage on his home planet, Rusty seeks love and understanding on Earth, where he’s heard that God-fearing Christians will lend a hand to anyone in need. But he’s shocked and dismayed that the “two legs” aren’t all that terrific.

He learns that people “get loaded” on booze before they get behind the wheel. Rusty says, “Reckless driving is a sin”.

Dr Caradine had written the 1960 tome What shall we say about alcohol? The title was rhetorical because Dr Caradine had lots and lots to say about alcohol, focusing nearly every word on its destructive powers.

So here’s Rusty, a rather miserable, moralising alien who needs to look out. Have you seen how he flies that rocket? Far out, man: