Finding Mom in 1970s New York City – Rich Allen’s Portraits Roll Back The Years

We're going to share some more of Rich's portraits of people of 1970s NYC after we've heard from Lisa and her story

Thanks to Rich Allen and his brilliant pictures of New York City in the 1970s, Lisa Murray got to see a picture of her late mother. We’re going to share some more of Rich’s portraits of people of 1970s NYC after we’ve heard from Lisa.

“I am so grateful for Rich Allen for taking this picture of my mom!,” say Lisa. “A couple of days ago I posted a photo of my mom with her huge 70’s afro waiting for the train. I was so surprised and delighted by all of the people that liked and commented on her image in this Manhattan group.”




“I was in for the shock of my life when not only did Rich remember my mom, he was able to locate an old image he had taken of her! When Rich sent me this image I was shaking, it was like seeing a ghost. This past Mother’s Day was especially challenging as it marked 25 years since her passing. Finding this image couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.


By Rich Allen

“Rich, from the bottom of my heart, my sister Liz and I can’t thank you enough! Also many thanks to this group for bringing us all together. I am filled with endless gratitude. Words don’t even convey all the emotions I am still feeling.”

So hr are a few more of Rich’s pictures of Manhattan in the mid-1970s. Maybe you know who these people are or were – or maybe it’s you in one of them, like Fernando, Big Vinny or the kids who played hooky.


E 3rd St 1974 – © Rich Allen

Uptown Delivery Bike 1975 – © Rich Allen

More here

Prom Night E 3rd St 1974

Man in Times Sq area 1974 – © Rich Allen

Cosmic Messenger 355 West St 1974 – now 49 years ago ! © Rich Allen

St Marks Place 1975 – © Rich Allen

Kickin’ Good Rays Head in E 3rd St 1974 – © Rich Allen

Couple E Village 1977 or ’78 – © Rich Allen

The Way Out of School LES 1976 – © Rich Allen

E 3rd St 1975 – © Rich Allen

Playground at 78 E 3rd St 1972 – © Rich Allen

Hassle on Broadway 1973 – © Rich Allen

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