Mexican Fotonovelas: The Epic Covers

FOTONOVELAS, such as Casos Reales – “una historia de la vida Lagrimas” – were Spanish-language Mexican photo casebooks for the discerning gent. The stories always centered on desired women in high-thighed knickers, or older wives in a state of calm vengeance. The covers were laced with the promise / threat of sexual violence. The women are victims at the mercy of lust-crazed men in unforgiving denim and bad shirts, or egging on the man, still in his terrible shirt, towards murder. Often the subjects seem distracted by something off camera, the tableaux vivants’ rictus grins revealing that someone, somewhere actually plotted and staged this cheesecake. Who? Why? And where are they now..?


fotonovela fotonovela-9

fotonovela-8 fotonovela-7
fotonovela-6 fotonovela-5
fotonovela-4 fotonovela-3
fotonovela-2 fotonovela-13 fotonovela-12 fotonovela-11
fotonovela-10 fotonovela-1

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