Lost in Translation: Japanese Advertising in the 1960s-80s

Nothing makes me want to buy chocolate more than a man being attacked by creepy stuffed monkeys. Such is the case for much of vintage Japanese advertising: something is lost in the translation. I’m sure if I was more familiar with the culture and the language, these might make sense. As it is, however, I’m left scratching my head at many of these old ads. Let’s have a look…





This would appear to be a glue stick ad.  Why it’s stuck to her nose is anyone’s guess.



Nothing inherently wrong with taking a bath in the middle of your laundry room in a small rubber container, I suppose.  I think the size would have to be tripled to make it in American markets.


Because Japan needs a shower cap that can contain big blonde afros.




What exactly is being sold here, I couldn’t even hazard a guess.  I can tell you it is an advert, and it is from Japan… but that’s where my understanding ends.



I presume this is just some sort of starch spray… but why does the advert resemble a horror movie?



Was this a thing?  Were Japanese people writing on each other in the 1960s?



Hmm.  Judging by the picture and the very defined diagram, I don’t think “hips” is quite the right term.

japanese advertising (5)

So, let me get this straight: this device spits out rolls of movie stills?  I don’t understand, but if Valerie Leon is wrapping herself in them, I’ll buy it anyway.


japanese advertising (13)

This is an advert for a piece of exercise equipment – yet it features a woman in a dress admiring a small bird surrounded by patio furniture.  My brain hurts.


japanese advertising (15)


More beer adverts should feature chicks in squirrel helmets.  There’s just not enough squirrel helmets in American beer advertising.


japanese advertising (17)

What the – ?  I have a headache.  Anybody have some aspirin?


japanese advertising (19)

On the one hand, I’m utterly confused – this stuff just looks absolutely batshit crazy.  On the other, it’s so different and fun, I want to hop on the next plane to Tokyo  and enter into this land of beautiful insanity.



“Oh My! Try & Touch”… sure, but is this woman being assaulted?



I’m not sure the roaches will appreciate all the artistic touches that went into this House of Death, but I do.

That’s all the Japanese advertising I can handle in one sitting.  More to come.



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