Is College Bad For Girls: A 1905 Pamphlet Available From Your Doctor

Is College Bad for Girls?


“Is College Bad for Girls?” asks E.J. Richards in his 1905 booklet. The debate is more loaded than George Bush at a frat house.

The young woman is barely dressed in a tatty nightgown. She is smoking. A copy of the the racy men’s magazine Police Gazette lies strewn on the floor.

“Evils of Dormitory Life—Midnight Hours of Who Knows What?”

“Flirting & Speaking to Male Students without Proper Introductions & Chaperone.”

“Reading Improper Novels, Magazines, & Other Suggestive Literature.”

“Forming of Unladylike Habits that May Harm the Health & Morals of a delicate Girl—Such as Smoking & Card Playing.”

They never did heed his warnings.