Euro pop songs – five of the worst

IT occurred to us that Eurovison might be a rich tablet of talent, but it comes round only once a year. Time to look five forgotten European gems:

Armi Ja Danny – I Want To Love You Tender

 Miss Finland and Danny outline the plot that wold become the Twilight saga.

Amanda Lear – Follow Me (1978)

Amanda Lear (nee name Amanda Tapp) was the cover model for Roxy Music’s album For Your Pleasure in 1973. She dated Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones and acted as muse for Salvador Dali. And she sang songs, like this one.

ABBA – King Kong Song

You hit. You miss.

Buffoons – It’s the End 

Why drugs are decriminalised in Amsterdam.

Herman van Veen – Opzij

Why drugs are decriminalised in Amsterdam II.