Also Comes in Khaki! – Fascinating British WW2 Adverts

"All you fellows seem to take the whole business so casually and yet so capably."

Oxo Cube WW2 adverts

WW2 Adverts

BILE BEANS Picture Post – March 8th 1941

According to wikipedia the British Medical Journal in 1903 listed the chief ingredients of Bile Beans as cascara, rhubarb, liquorice and menthol, packaged as a gelatine-coated pill, all ingredients commonly found in pharmacies of the period. It was not until 1941 that English companies were legally required to disclose the active ingredients in their non-prescription drugs. By the 1940s, the ingredients included various purgatives, cholagogues, and carminatives, including aloin (aloe), Podophyllum, cascara, scammony, jalap, colocynth, leptandrin, saponis (soap), cardamom, capsicum, ginger, peppermint oil, and gentian, mixed with liquorice, powdered gum (acacia or tragacanth) and glucose, coated with black charcoal or carbon powder to form ovoid pills

Binoculars gift 25 January, 1941 issue of The Sphere

Advert/article in the Wilts and Gloucester Standard December 1940

What do I so – if I own a pair of field glasses? I take them to any optician who displays a poster authorising him to collect prismatic binoculars for the Government. If I can I hand them in as a gift. The optician will give me a receipt and official acknowledgement will follow later. If I want to sell them I say so when handing them in and the optician arranges for the Ministry of Supply to send me a cheque based on a fair valuation. If there is no optician near me. I tie a label bearing my name and address and marked “gift” or “sale” and post them to the Regional Binocular Officer 191 Regent Street London W1 Either way I do it now, this very day, because binoculars are urgently needed by our fighting services. Cut this out and keep it – Issued by the Ministry of Information. Space presented by the National Brewers Society.

Graviner Fire-fighting Equipment This ad appeared in the October 9th, 1941 edition of Flight

Graviner Fire-fighting Equipment This ad appeared in the October 9th, 1941 edition of Flight

The company, formed in 1933, still exists and is now called Kidde Graviner after they merged with Walter Kidde PLC in 1989.

Lea Bridge Rubber Works Ltd. This ad appeared in the October 9th, 1941 edition of Flight

Lea Bridge Rubber Works ad from 1943

Lea Bridge Rubber Works ad from 1943

NICOLLS OF REGENT STREET Illustrated London News - May 31st 1941

North British Cycle Tyres Practical Mechanics incorporating The Cyclist, October 1941

Owlet Trainer This ad appeared in the January 2nd, 1941 issue of Flight Prestcold Refridgeration January 2nd, 1941 issue of Flight. Tatler Cinema Soviet Films Charing Cross Road 1944 Vita-Weat 4 January, 1941 issue of The Sphere
National Savings ad 1945 Air Raid Shelter ad from 1940
Vani-Tred Shoes ad from 1945 Irvona 1940 british ad Peek Frean's biscuits ad 1941 Mars advert southern counties September 1943 copy Pope and Bradley advert against spivs Lux ad Picture Post - October 30th 1943 Morley Stockings ad 1944 Dolcis Woman & Home - March 1943 Dolcis Shoes ad 1943

Wincarnis February 17 1940 ad Sharp's Toffees ad 1944 Firestone Tyres ad November 1944

Viyella Service Shirts An ad in the May, 1944 Dolcis Shoes WW2 advert from 1944

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