Atelier 1923: Illustrations From Russia’s First Fashion Magazine

In 1923, Russian fashionistas could buy issue one of Atelier. Inna Fedorova explains (Via):

Atelier, created under the innovative Atelier Mod (Fashion House). Its main purpose and task were set out in an editorial article: “The active and tireless pursuit to identify all that is creatively perfect, that deserves the most attention in the sphere of material culture.”

The grandeur of conception was determined by just one list of stars who agreed to collaborate with the magazine – the artists Yury Annenkov, Boris Kustodiev, and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, the sculptor Vera Mukhina, the poet Anna Akhmatova and many others.

In addition to luxurious illustrations and advanced Constructivist models, the magazine offered an overview of current European trends, in which the Soviet control system saw “vestiges of capitalism.” The fashion magazine’s first issue was its last.


1923 Russia atelier

1923 Russia atelier 1


atlier 3

atlier foreward


atlier pattern

1923 Russia atelier 2

1923 Russia atelier 10


1923 Russia atelier 9

1923 Russia atelier 8

1923 Russia atelier 7

1923 Russia atelier 6

1923 Russia atelier 3


atelier back


Via: lobgott, here and Russian State Library.


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