18 Wonderful Visions of France In 2000 By Artists In 1900

En L’An 2000 (In the Year 2000) is a series of visionary cigarette cards and postcards by Jean-Marc Côté and other artists.  First produced for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris – the cards were distributed in 1899, 1900, 1901 and 1910 – the world of the future in 2000 was plain to see.

Technology would not create a dystopian future. Science would increase our leisure time, create plentiful food and enable us to fly everywhere. 2000 AD would be terrific.

But that was then. And we’re still asking, ‘Dude, where my flying car?’

France_in_XXI_Century._Toilette_madame France_in_XXI_Century._School France_in_XXI_Century._Race_in_Pacific France_in_XXI_Century._Intencive_breeding France_in_XXI_Century._French_food France_in_XXI_Century._Fishing France_in_XXI_Century._Farmer France_in_XXI_Century._Electric_scrubbing France_in_XXI_Century._Correspondance_cinema France_in_XXI_Century._Chemical_food France_in_XXI_Century._Barber France_in_XXI_Century._Air_postman France_in_XXI_Century._Air_police France_in_XXI_Century._Air_firefighters France_in_XXI_Century._Air_explorer France_in_XXI_Century._Air_cup France_in_XXI_Century._Air_cab France_in_XXI_Century._Air_battle