17 Vintage Clowns To Haunt Your Dreams

Believe it or not, there are still people who find clowns charming, and don’t recognize them as the sinister creations from the bloody bowels of hell that they are.  Here are 17 clowns from yesteryear that will hopefully provide them a healthy fear of these infernal hell-beings …. before it’s too late.


vintage clowns (14)

Lon Chaney Sr. once said, “There’s nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight.”  Truer words were never spoken.


vintage clowns (13)

This picture was found on a roll of film discovered next to the skeletal remains of a murder victim.  Obviously, this was the last thing the poor victim saw before his death.

Okay, none of that is true.  But it’s still a creepy picture.


vintage clowns (5)

Vaudeville circus clown with his instruments

There’s something haunting about the really old clown photographs.  They really accentuate the quasi-demonic nightmare qualities of the loveable clown.


vintage clowns (16)

Can you even imagine trying to eat your sugar coated rice while staring into the infernal eyes of a Demon Lord?


vintage clowns (18)

When Ronald McDonald isn’t giving children Type II Diabetes, he’s busy posing with children, whispering vile threats.


vintage clowns (2)

A wise man once said: “”Few things are as hopelessly saturated with the stink of fear and death as a colorful, smiling clown.”


vintage clowns (15)

But let’s not forget that clowns are people too.  People that want to kill you.


vintage clowns (9)

Infants recognize the horrific nature of clowns; it’s only as adults that we lose our ability to sense evil.


vintage clowns (12)

1950s Photograph from the Circus Circus hotel/casino in Las Vegas

If you can take your eyes off the cigarette girl in the foreground, you will notice a very troubling clown-child interaction in the background.  This is what nightmares are made of.


vintage clowns (1)

The fear of clowns is known as “Coulrophobia”.  I’d like to add another phobia to the list: “Counter-Coulrophobia” – The fear that those not afraid of clowns are actually clowns themselves.


vintage clowns (8)

Balloon animals are the bait with which they lure their prey.  Teach your children not to be fooled by this simple, yet diabolical, trickery.


vintage clowns (3)

An analysis of those involved in this hideous clown encounter (from left to right):

(1) He discerns the hellfire within, and is not pleased.
(2) She puts on a brave face, fighting back tears.  Mustn’t show signs of weakness to clown.  Good girl.
(3) Dad is hopelessly oblivious.
(4) Egad! Big brother is shaking his hand! He’s just made a pact!


vintage clowns (6)

Am I the only one here who’s disturbed by the way this clown is looking at this kid?


vintage clowns (1)

Clown Fact of the Day: The Joker was originally based on Conrad Veidt’s role in the silent film, The Man Who Laughs (1928) shown above.    Let the nightmares commence.


vintage clowns (17)

A rare glimpse into a clown household, AKA the house where evil dwells.


vintage clowns (10)

Clowns are supposed to bring cheer; yet, their mask is corpse-like, their painted smiles frozen, their attributes grotesque…. is it any wonder they awaken a primal fear in many of us?  Hopefully, these pictures have brought a few more clown-fearers into the fold.


vintage clowns (11)

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