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Vintage Japanese Beer Adverts: Hand-Painted Maidens

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Before the Second World War, adverts in Japan, including Japanese Beer Adverts, were often produced by hand. In many places, adverts still are handmade, like these African posters for Hollywood movies.

What makes these posters for Japanese beer stand out is their genteel intricacy. Japanese lagers -Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo – might have tasted of not very much, but what these insipid brews lacked in flavour they made up for in artistic merit.

And these beers were loved by the ladies, who served them and drank them.

Enjoy the adverts. And look out for the gentle beer drinker filling her soup bowl as she draws the name of her alcohol-soaked lover in the bubbles:


Japanese Beer Adverts


Japanese Beer Adverts

Kabuto Beer

Japanese Beer Adverts



Japanese Beer Adverts

Asahi Beer

Japanese Beer Adverts

Sapporo Beer

Vintage Janpanese ads beer


jbeer-sapporo jbeer-kirin