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The 1970s in photos – When sex was invented by plain people in busy clothes

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THE 1970s were at the cusp of the sexual revolution. The magazines, the film reels and the go-go shows were there to put the joy into sex, which since ancient times had been functional and very possibly accidental. We’ve pulled together a collection of images that preceded the racy action sequences. One reason these cats wanted to rips each others clothes of is clear: the clothes. You didn’t have to be plain with puckered, goose-bumped, sweaty skin to have sex in the 1970s – it just helped…


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The nostalgia proof European sex mag – photos

Get ‘Em Off! The Nostalgia-Proof British Sex Comedy


  • Ahh, memories memories

    “my name ist Gustav, Ich bin ein Plumber, I haf come to mend your pipes, meine socks vill haf to stay on”