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Benito Mussolini – life and death in photos

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ACCORDING to his re-thatched stunt double, Silvio Berlusconi, Benito Mussolini should be praised for the “good things” he did for Italy. Sure, Il Duce was into genocide, murder, exile, a terrible war that led to the deaths and abuse of millions, mustard gas (in Ethiopia) and torture, but what that man did for the self-esteem of short, bald Italians, Silvio would like noted in the history books. We’ve trawled the archives, and now bring you gallery of the Nazi-loving man’s life – and death hanging from a lamp-post. Silvio would most likely call it a tribute to Benito’s light touch and radiance…


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Signor Benito Mussolini addressing some dubats during his visit to the native African troop camp in Italy on May 9, 1937. The troop was encamped on the outskirts of Rome in readiness for the celebrating of the first anniversary of the Italian empire, founded May 9, 1936. (AP Photo)