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1985 Ebony Magazine Reveals What Michael Jackson Will Look Like In The Year 2000

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In 1985, Ebony magazine predicted how Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) would look in the year 2000. The August issue was called Blacks And The Future: Where Will We Be In The Year 2000.

Portraits of the Stars – What They May Look Like In the Year 2000

Time can be a villain or it can be a friend. No matter which it choses to it be, it affects us all, some less so so than others. Chicago artist Nathan Wright thinks time will kind to today’s black stars. They will bear up well in the coming years.



1985 Ebony Magazine Shows What Michael Jackson Will Look Like In 2000



Michael Jackson: At 40, he will have aged gracefully and will have a handsome, more mature look. In number his fans will have grown tenfold by the year 2000


Other stars:
black stars years 2000

black stars years 2000

black stars years 2000


  • Dragonzord

    So the basketballers ended up the closest, except for their health

  • grouchyroan

    about what the pedophile will look like in 2000, how funny is that. i’m sure hell used extra fire to burn this piece of crap, death was too good for someone that ruined so many young lives and seemed so proud of it. the greatest justice for all that were abused by him would be if the public would ignore that he ever existed instead of kissing his scumbag ass and making him out to be a legend.

    • NostalgicNZer

      Oh stfu…