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1960s: This Japanese Sex Guide Is Bizarre

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IN the 1960s cool cats in Japan were reading this how-to-do-sex book. From how to hold hands, rub noses, chuck chins, remove excess polish from shoes, mate with an artist’s flexible wooden figure and jerk off a test tube,┬áthis book has the lot:



sex book


sex book 1 sex book 3 sex book 4


sex book 5 sex book 6 sex book 7 sex book 8 sex book 9 sex book 10


sex book 11 sex book 12 sex book 13
Spotter: Hellodamage



  • Winker

    Seems quite reasonable to me and not bizarre at all. (I’ve been there…. Japan that is)

  • dairy

    ah yes, I recognise the Julia Roberts look….