The terrifying Ten Little Indians anti-drug PSA

IN 1972, you were warned about taking drugs with the ditty Ten Little Indians:


Sing along:

10 little indians have their fun
1 stayed up then there were 9

9 little indians feeling great
1 ODed and then there were 8

8 little indians in goofball heaven
1 fell out then there were 7

7 little indians getting a fix
Hepatitis got 1 and then there were 6

6 little indians pushing high
1 got busted then there were 5

5 little indians trying to score
1 got a bad drug then there were 4

4 little indians on LSD
1 freaked out then there were 3

3 little indians sniffing glue
took too much then there were 2

2 little indians on a run
1 of them crashed then there was 1

1 little indian popping reds
Popped too many and then she was dead

Acid bellies need those pills; if 1 don’t get you the other one will.

It could have been worse.

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