The 10 best premium-rate phone lines of the 1980s

IN the 1980s, fans could get close to the stars on telephone chatlines. The messages were pre-recorded. But the billing was live.

The New Kid On The Block had a message for you:

MC Hammer had the best ‘bins’ in pop:

This is how Coco Austin (photos) first got in touch with Ice-T:

Paula Abdul had news you can use. I’d ask my parents permission, as the ad advises, but I’m a 73-year-old lifer with a calling card:

Warrant are most likely still there on the other end of the phone:

Call Little Monsters. But don’t call me Mo:

Debbie Gibson needs your tea-cups:

Imagine what the phone-melting rock would do to your ears?

Calling this number now gets you through to the Scientology centre. You will not be able to hang up. Be warned:

Talk to a Star Wars robot: