Photos of America’s Most Muscular Bodybuilders – A World of Buttock Make-Up Artists, Sinew and Spray Tans

This could be you showing your body beautiful - just so long as you want it bad enough

The year is young – and your commitment to fitness and that new you for the year has begun to fade. Time then to see what you could become if you persevere with photographer Brian Finke’s  series on bodybuilding contests. In Most Muscular, Finke, who started his project when he photographed the Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas for Men’s Journal magazine in 2003, shows us the body beautiful at full stretch.



He travelled the US for two years, showing competitors, both professional and amateur, getting ready behind the scenes, striking their best poses and getting their glutes oiled and made-up.

“At the time my first book entitled American Cheerleading & Football Players had just been released, and I was getting all these assignments to cover the behind the scenes of sporting events, just roaming around backstage, getting right next to the athletes, capturing all the emotions involved to get a sense of the characters.”


muscles bodybuilding
muscles bodybuilding
muscles bodybuilding muscles bodybuilding
muscles bodybuilding

All images via Clamp Art

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