People In Mirrors: Vintage Snapshots of Our Reflected Selves

Does taking a photo in front of a mirror show us our truer selves?


The question written on the verso of this 1960s found snapshot asks: “Did you notice the clever way I got two pictures out of one?” Thanks to the mirror,  the subject of this picture got to see the left and right sides of her face one go. But if the was clever, what of the picture you see below? It’s a slice of brilliance, that may have been accidental. There are many more great6 photos in this album of vintage snapshots of people and mirrors.

A few months ago we shared a glory of vintage snapshot featuring only women and mirrors. This time we’ve thrown out doors open to everyone. And, as ever, let’s try to imagine the stories between the pictures.



mirror snapshots
mirror snapshots
mirror snapshots mirror snapshots
  snapshots mirror

Via: LillyADarling

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