Paul Sougy : Luminous Illustrations Of Animals – c. 1952

Lush illustratiosn of insects and animals for French children

A whole back we looked at Paul Sougy’s mid-Century scientific illustrations of the human body. Designed as large pull down charts for French classroom walls, Sougy also illustrated animals and plants.

The Library at Artois University features a large collection of his work. But of the man, little has been noted.

The Snail

The Horse

Paul Sougy

The Rabbit

The Cat

The Cicada

The Frog

The Bee

The Lizard

The Cow

Paul Sougy

The Grasshopper

The Pig

The Mussel

The Fly

Paul Sougy

The Bat

The Mole

Paul Sougy

The Perch

Paul Sougy

The Crayfish

Paul Sougy

The Cuttlefish

Paul Sougy

The cockchafer

Paul Sougy

The Spider

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