Nutrition for Today’s Mod Miss (1969)

I ran across this nutrition advice section from a 1969 issue of ‘TEEN magazine and thought I’d share. Clearly sponsored by Carnation Instant Breakfast (now with “fab fun flavors!”), it’s just kitschy and corny enough to make for an interesting read.


The article is titled “Food for Thought” and begins with this:

“If sugar and spice and everything nice is all you’re made of – you’re in bad shape.  Teen girls in the know and on the go need much more than that to keep ’em going.  So how come all recent nutritional studies show that the family’s worst fed member is little old you?? That’s right – the teenage girl.”

“The teen scene is a moving scene.  Always go, go, go!! Plenty of motion.  And the key here is nutrition… to turn you on and keep you running.  NUTRITION! You get it from meals.  Three squares a day to turn out a (well) rounded you.”

“There’s a way to have the Vitamin C of orange juice, the mineral nourishment of two strips of bacon, the energy in two slices of buttered toast and the protein of two eggs and not spend a good part of your morning cooking.  It’s the mod menu to a better balanced you.  It’s Carnation Instant breakfast in fab fun flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or egg nog.”

It would appear that a girl should eat well simply so she can dote and fawn over boys at school.