Gods From Space: When London Taxi Diver George King Met Jesus And Other Aliens

George King communicated telepathically with a Master from Venus named Aetherius and founded The Aetherius Society

“Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament”

– ‘The Command’ received by George King from space, 1954



On May 8th 1954, London taxi driver George King was doing the household chores when he heard a voice. What came to be known as “The Command” told him that he was now “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel No. 1” for extraterrestrial intelligences. “Prepare yourself. You are about to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament,” it said.

As well as communicating telepathically with a Master from Venus named Aetherius, whose name is represented in the organisation King founded in 1959, The Aetherius Society. Dr King, as he came to be known, also claimed that his mother had made a tip to Venus on a UFO. Many people, including the BBC, took him very seriously.

The broadcaster was keen to hear from Dr King. On May 21, 1959, the BBC broadcast an episode of LIFELINE called “MARS AND VENUS SPEAK TO EARTH”. Viewers saw Dr King communicate telepathically with “Aetherius” from Venus in the presence of Dr D.W Dewhirst, a Cambridge Astronomer, and an unnamed Jungian psychologist.

The Aetherius Society journal Cosmic Voice No. 20, 1959, said of the broadcast:

The trance condition adopted by Dr. George King as shown in this video is a positive yogic Samadhic trance condition brought about by raising the power of Kundalini to a high psychic center. Dr. King was able to bring this condition about because of many years of practicing yoga. He was a true master of this ancient science.

The inflection of the voice when the Master Aetherius speaks is quite distinct from the normal voice of Dr. King. It remained the same for many decades that he spoke through Dr. King. Another proof of the authenticity of the Master Aetherius from whom The Aetherius Society is named.



The Aetherius Society exists today and boasts thousands of members worldwide, with the largest numbers in the United Kingdom, United States (particularly Southern California) and New Zealand. It aims to spread the message transmitted by beings Dr King called The Space Beings, some of whom we know as Buddha, Mahatma Ghandi and Jesus Christ.

Dr King, who died in 1997, claims to have had an unusual encounter with “Master Jesus” at Holdstone Down near Combe Martin, Devon, England, in 1958. Fellow believers return to the hill to communicate with the aliens via “prayer batteries” used to capture and then deploy where needed the spiritual energies emitted during group prayers conducted by the Society.

King recalled his meeting with Jesus:

“It was very, very windy at the top of Holdstone Down. As a matter of fact it was quite dark by this time. Dimly out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the sky. Then I saw a being which kind of appeared before me – I didn’t see him walk up to me, I opened my eyes and he was there.

“He was very tall, he was dressed in a long robe, he had long brownish hair – there was so much radiance around the man.

“I knew, although he didn’t tell me, I knew that he was Jesus and that he had come from the planet Venus – I didn’t have to be told, I just knew this.

“I think it was some sort of telepathic impression that I picked up. There was no denying it and there was no denying his presence.”

Dr King said Jesus had arrived on Earth in a space craft. He had “sent power through himself” to King and into the hilltop at Holdstone Down. King said he was told later by inter-planetary sources that this mountain was holy. “That’s why we use Holdstone Down because we really truly believe that it is holy,” he said.

Other holy mountains across the globe include Castle Peak in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado, Mount Ramshead in New South Wales, Australia, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Le Nid d’Aigle near Les Houches in France.



Dr King was making waves and getting noticed. But spreading the word at the height of the Cold War attracted the attention of British police and the FBI. They found nothing illegal nor anything that posed a threat. You can read the FBI’s reports here and a few extracts from it below:



The Aetherius Society

The Aetherius Society The Aetherius Society

Gods From Space

In 2020, the New York Times created the short video Gods from Space, in which filmmaker Annalise Pasztor meets believers.



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