Funky Science Textbook Illustrations From The 1970s

1977 science textbook (16)


HAVE a look at a 1977 grade school science textbook.  Each page features distinctly seventies children in distinctly seventies environments. A beautiful thing to behold.

Today’s textbook illustrations are much more professional, polished and detailed than they used to be. Many of you may remember that most 70s textbooks were low on informative illustrations and graphics, but chock full of pictures featuring a melting pot of children doing God-knows-what. Today’s science schoolbooks are brimming with amazing pictures and lush illustrations; whereas, my old science book had pictures of kids blowing bubbles or watering plants.



1977 science textbook (5)



The textbook is called Learning Science (there could not be a less original title), and I’ve scanned a handful of illustrations within . The “seventies-ness” will simply take your breath away.



1977 science textbook (14)



Number 55 needs to learn when to leave a brother alone.  Let the man listen to his P-Funk in peace.


1977 science textbook (15)


Smoke’a de ganja every day
Ya you gonn’ smoke’a de ganja in many different ways
You can smoke’a de ganja in a big fat bowl or you can smoke’a de ganja in a bong
N’ keep ya’ very lucky you can smoke it in a bong
– Bob Marley & the Wailers (“Ganja Gun”)



1977 science textbook (13)


Apparently this science textbook contains a lesson on how to quickly and efficiently kill a man.



1977 science textbook (9)


“No boobs yet.”  It’s from a section on how lungs expand and contract… yet, the awkwardness still exists.



1977 science textbook (2)


From a chapter on the wondrous mysteries of potted plant bottoms.



1977 science textbook (12)


You can’t help but think of “Look Around You” when you see these old science photos….





1977 science textbook (3)


The words “easily amused” come to mind.



1977 science textbook (10)


Recall when I said modern textbooks look a lot more polished and professional?  Never would you catch a picture of a kid with a case of severe bed-head in today’s glossy textbooks.



1977 science textbook (6)


I know what you’re thinking, but don’t say it.  It wouldn’t be appropriate.  Let’s just leave this one well alone and move on to the next illustration….



1977 science textbook (4)


We didn’t worry much about matching in the Seventies as evidenced by this lad, who is clearly the most annoying boy in the school.



1977 science textbook (1)


And so ends our brief tour of science in the Seventies.  You’re now free to go back to your sophisticated textbooks of today; meanwhile, I’ll continue to bask in the unkept glory of the marijuana laced textbooks of yesteryear.

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