Flashback to 1944: The Allied soldier’s 24-hour rations pack

FLASHBACK to 21/05/1944.

When the big allied drive for the liberation of Europe takes place our fighting men will carry with them apart from their arms and equipment a small water-proofed card box. This will contain rations for 24 hours and comprises the following. 1 packet of salt, 10 shortbread biscuits, 1 packet of meat compressed, 2 meat cubs, 3 bars of chocolate two of which are vitamines, 2 packets of chewing-gum, 2 packets of oatmeal, 1 packet of team and dried milk, 4 cubes of sugar and 24 fruit sweets. A Tommy cooker and solid fuel packed in a tin is also provided for cooking purposes. The soldier’’s twenty four-hours ration pack, May 21, 1944.

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