Buon Appetito! Italian Snack & Junk Food Ads from the 1960s-1980s

Italian food advert (17)

Look out for flying Italian snacks!  Here is a dolce e delizioso compendium of junk food and other snack advertising from Italy in the 1960s-1980s. Divertiti!


It’s 1962, love is in the air, and cioccolato is being shared.  The text at the bottom makes these chocolate morsels sound like healthy energy snacks…. “before undertaking any demanding activity” you should pop a Talmone.  I guess we can presume this couple are getting their energy up for a wild night of lovemaking?

1973 (3)


Just a quaint little story about a young girl attracting the boys with her caramel.



Barbapapa was a globulous creature from 1970s children’s books by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor. Here’s a cartoon featuring this odd creature (which reminds me of the Grimace from McDonald’s)



It’s not Superman, but rather Chupaman.  Look for the DC movie adaptation to come to a theater near you.



Fonzie was big in the States around this time (via Happy Days), but it looks like this snack may share the same name, but is unrelated.  It also looks like there is some kind of television or film connection this crunchy “croccantissimi” snack.



Italian food advert (1)

Man, these boys are really into stamps!  Give the girl some personal space!  (And I find it a little odd that stamps are used as promotional giveaways from breadstick packages.)

Italian food advert (2)

As phallic an advertisement as you’re likely to ever see.  I’m not sure what these girls are sucking down, but I want it.

Italian food advert (5)

This is more than a little troubling – a pack of guys chasing a poor girl.  Should we call the police?

Italian food advert (6)

Italian food advert (7)

Matia Bazar was a fairly popular Italian group who appeared in Eurovision in 1979.  This advert is referencing their 1977 hit “Solo Tu”…

Italian food advert (11)

Italian food advert (8)

I don’t think this how people lick their lips with hunger.  She’s doing it wrong.

Italian food advert (12)

The giant Popsicle-shaped spaceship is abducting all the Italian kids.  A highly disturbing scene to be used for snack food advertising.

Italian food advert (14)

Italian food advert (23)

Italian food advert (15)

Italian food advert (16)

Can anybody tell what board game this is?  It certainly looks like a lot of fun… or maybe, everyone is just hopped up on chocolate and caffeine.

Here’s another snack food advert featuring game night fun…

Italian food advert (34)

Italian food advert (20)

Italian food advert (25)

Italian food advert (27)

We’ll finish with Daniela Goggi (featured above) and her sister singing in their disco-bedazzled bathing suits.  Ciao!

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