Brilliant Art Deco Posters

'Many different styles, occasionally at variance with each other, united by a desire to be modern make up Art Deco.

Art Deco

1935 ‘Radio Telefunken’ ad poster

The word ‘art deco’ comes from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, held in Paris when the architect Le Corbusier wrote some articles about the exhibition for his magazine L’Esprit Nouveau under the title, “1925 Expo: Arts Déco”. These were later combined into a book, “L’art décoratif d’aujourd’hui” (Decorative Art Today). The articles, essentially, set upon the overabundance of ornamental objects at the Exposition and concluded that “Modern decoration has no decoration”.

On 2 November 1966 the journalist Hilary Gelson wrote an article in the Times:

Flapper skirts, flamboyant “kipper” ties, shiny steel chairs, Chicago gangster hats… these are all part of the 1966 look, which is at the same time a nostalgic return to the design trends of the twenties. Earlier this year the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris staged a fascinating exhibition which highlighted the style now known by connoisseurs as Art Deco.

The term Art Deco became popular in 1968 when historian Bevis Hillier published the first major academic book on the style: Art Deco of the 20s and 30s. Art Deco, he maintained, influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewelry, fashion, cars, movie theatres, trains, ocean liners, and everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners. Hillier cited The Times article and also an essay named “Les Arts Déco” in Elle magazine (November 1967) where the term was used. In 1971, Hillier organized an exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts – The World of Art Deco.

Art Deco

Charles Loupot in 1919 advertising a shop named Grieder in Zurich, Switzerland.

Salamander Shoes by Ernst Deutsch-Dryden 1912

Art Deco

Speed to Winter Playgrounds in Pullman Safety and Comfort William P. Welsh

Waschanstalt Zürich by Robert Hardmeyer 1905

Henri Meunier’s ‘best work’ and ‘a masterpiece’ Rajah , 1898

Poster for Rau-Bouillon Wurfel, 1930

1927 Naurac

Vins Camp Romain Wine by L. Gadoud c.1930

Art Deco

The Sun All Year on the Cote d’Azur 1931 by Roger Broders

Art Deco

German Art Deco Poster for Rau-Bouillon Wurfel, 1930


Art Deco

La Victoria Arduino, 1922 by Leonetto Cappiello

Art Deco

G. Favre For Cycles Dilecta Bicycles c. 1920 France

Art Deco

Camomilla Parigi Drink by Golia 1933

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