Amphetamines are good for you – selling drugs to the fat and depressed (photos)

AMPHETAMINES were once legal. They were advertised as being good for you and yours. Appetrol was a drug that acted as an appetite suppressant. In world War 2, the troops were fed Benzedrine to keep them sharp.

Dexamyl was the drug that could:

“Dexamyl does more than most anorectics. Because it not only curbs appetite but also lifts moods, ‘Dexamyl’ can give the discouraged dieter the confidence to stay on her diet. The mood lift with ‘Dexamyl’ can make the difference between the success and failure of her diet plan.”

Around 1950, Pan American World Airways Flight offered passengers lifters to make your flight more enjoyable.

And then it ended. The 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 ruled that amphetamines were Class B drugs and Class A if injected. We’ve compiled a gallery of that time when the health properties of the stuff were lauded:

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Spotters: here, here and  DrugTrain


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