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Women Being Spanked In Vintage Comic Books

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I’m back with another spanking post – and this one I kind of found interesting. Spanking in comics is actually a rather fascinating phenomena. Why? Because, once upon a time, it was all over the freaking place! The number of times you find a good spank in a comic book is something approaching infinity. There are whole blogs, forums and pages completely devoted to the comic spank. Wow!

So, in my daily effort to bring you the odd and interesting from our collective pop culture past, I couldn’t very well leave this topic alone. It had to be explored. And explore it we shall…


spanking comics vintage


Superman’s going to be late, but he’s simply got to stick around to see this fair queen get spanked. I’m just grateful we can’t see ol’ Jor-El’s hands.


spanking comic books


Good luck finding a Western comic that didn’t show a buxom gal getting spanked. The most infamous cowboy spank is without a doubt The Duke giving it to Maureen O’Hara in McLintock. All other Western spanks are pale imitations.



From a Brenda Starr comic strip.that lasted about 70 years. Not sure how Waldo the anteater fit into the equation.


Batman comic spanking


I find it more than a little creepy that this photographer is so into The Dark Knight giving a chick a spank. At least he’s not givin’ it to Robin.


Campus Lovers No.5

Campus Lovers No.5


You’ll notice a trend here. So often, the man proclaims that he’s giving the girl something that should’ve been done long ago. I’ve no doubt that many of you readers are genuinely offended by this demeaning spectacle. I’d love to shrug it off and say it was a different time…. and I’d love to get all indignant and appalled. In the end, I guess I just don’t care. It’s just a comic after all.


Candy comic book

Candy No.03


This and the next one come from Candy, a comic book from the late 40s and 50s.



Candy No.35


Captain Marvel Adventures





Career Girl Romances


God. This one just makes me feel awkward. Easy does it, Mike. She said she was sorry.



Combat Casey No.7


Combat Casey was a comic that took place during the Korean War. Casey was a rough-and-ready fighting machine…. who evidently liked to spank the hell out of women.


spanking vintage comics


“She was no more than a baby in his powerful arms…” Notice that so many of these panels illustrate the spank with stars, which I guess is what you’d expect.



Crack Comics No.38 -0 Beezy spanks Betty


Crack Comics No.52


Crime and Justice No.1


Crimes by women No.14


Never mind the fact that the law didn’t outlaw wife beating entirely; let’s focus on the fact that it’s got to be with something with a small diameter. Those of you out there that have been hit in the ass with a switch can testify that a small width is of no consolation.


Daisy Mae – 09-04-43


Daredevil Spanks Blackwidow


Damn, Daredevil. You’d never see Aquaman acting like this.



Diary Secrets No.11


Famous Funnies No.203


Fantastic Four No.38


Feature Comics No.132


Feature Comics 1949



For Lovers Only No.70


For Lovers Only comic (1972)



Funnies No.23


Green Hornet No.36 – Calamity Jane


Green Hornet No. 36 (1947)



Hit Comics No.54


Hit Comics (1948)



Intimate Confessions No.7


Intimate Confessions No. 7 (1951)



Just Married No.53

This reads like a fetish comic, but it’s actually from Just Married No. 53 (1958)



Just Married No.58 – 1958



Lil Abner


Lil Abner spanks Daisy Mae



Little Al of the Secret Service (1951) “Perhaps the young man has the right idea!”


Lois Lane sex spanking



This Mary Worth comic strip may be my favorite of them all. When the guy starts whacking this girl’s behind, Miss Worth thinks this is a recipe for a long happy marriage!



Moongirl Romance No.09 – 1949



My Secret Romance – 1941


oakydoaks comic book 09-28-1939

Oakydoaks – 09-28-1939


Our Army At War No.208

me_tarzan spanking comic book
Me Tarzan you Jane. Tarzan spank Jane. Tarzan spank Jane real good.



Patsy Walker No.5 – 1946


Police Comics No.07

Police Comics No.07


Pep No.07


Popular Teenagers No.10 – 1952

Smilin Jack spanked spanking in comic books


True Brides Experiences No.16

Teen Comics No.25

Teen Comics – No.25



True Brides Experiences No.16



Two Gun Kid


comic book spnkings


Pep No. 59





Real West Romances No.2


Romantic Marriage No.18





Smilin Jack No. 7


Smilin Jack spanking No. 6

Smilin Jack No. 6



Spirit No. 42 comic book spanking




Superman Sunday strip 1949


Superman Sunday comic strip No. 208

Superman Sunday comic strip No. 208


Teenage Romances No. 36 spanking

Teenage Romances No. 36


spanking vintage comic books

That’s all folks!


Love and learn spanking

  • Freakanatcha

    Bookmark this one gang!. A classic post.

  • AlanOne7

    This is the most excellent thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

    No joke: spanking is a great idea, for all sorts of people. I was never spanked in my life, and I was a BRAT when I was a kid. A swat on the fanny with a spoon back in the 1970s would’ve done me some good.

  • dncarac

    There must be an evolutionary link in our biology which causes the word “dare” (as in, ‘you wouldn’t dare’) when spoken by a woman to incite an immediate spanking from a man.

    • Lars Christian Steenberg

      I agree and disagree. I agree that the surest way for a woman to get herself spanked is by saying You wouldn’t dare to a man who threatens to spank her. The woman instinctively wants to test if the man is MAN enough to turn her over his knees, and the man wants to show that he is not a wimp, but can and will follow up on his threat. And I guess most women would be disappointed if he didn’t.

      • dncarac

        I would say that finding out if a man is ‘man enough’ to follow through is a biological need to find a man is strong enough and motivated enough to also protect her against others, should the need arise. And, of course, spanking is a way to change a woman’s behavior to less dangerous behavior, thereby protecting her.

        Or allow a woman who likes to be spanked to find a guy who will spank her. 🙂

        • Lars Christian Steenberg

          Yes, and if you read a lot of fiction on Blushing books etc., you’ll find a definite trend today that women want men who are strong and determined enough to spank them when they need it. A “You wouldn’t dare” is the woman’s way of finding out if the man is strong enough – and man enough – to spank her good and hard. If he is, he is husband material, if not she must look for another one man enough to redden her bottom.

          • Sandipan Nath

            You are nuts……..

          • Lars Christian Steenberg

            OK, you are free to think so. Sociologically I am all in favour of equal rights, and I like and admire women. Biologically there is a difference, luckily, and women getting spanked instead of punched or kicked in the face is a way for men and women to have an outlet for this biological difference. Many women like to get spanked, and most men find it sexy and manly to have a woman over his knees for a spanking. At the time of these comics it was a mainstream feature in love comics, and today there are a vast amount of internet sites – run mostly by women – about women who want to live in a relationship where they get spanked if they endanger their own lives or things like that. And likewise there are a lot of fiction e-books about women who meet a spanking man and like it so much that they become husband and wife. It may not be mainstream any longer, but it certainly evidence of this biological difference that both women and men feel they need an outlet for.

  • Cee

    Took a while for feminism to assert itself, huh ?

  • NostalgicNZer

    Explains why some Women have “Daddy issues” as well.

  • ShoryukenToTheGroin

    That’s, uh, kinda creepy.

    • More like extremely disturbing…