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Vintage Mystery Parties: Found Photos of Folks Having Fun

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I don’t know the backstory to any of these found photograph celebrations… but I do know that I wish I had been there.  While it’s a crying shame I wasn’t invited to any of these gatherings –  it’s still interesting to pore through this stack of old photos of adults and teens partying and having a damn good time. Enjoy.



This doesn’t seem like a Halloween part.  There’s costumes, but there seems to be a theme about them.  Maybe a theater group partying after the curtain closes?


This is from the same party.  I always knew I should’ve joined theater instead of the math club!


This one is dated 1969.  The days when the ladies had big hair and the guys wore suits.  The 1970s were quick to erase any remnants of the Mad Men era.

132_party-games 133_party-games

If only all “respectable” and boring office parties would erupt into a bunch of full grown adults rolling bottles with their noses, the world would be a better place.



The ladies are having a rollicking good time… meanwhile the guy in striped pants stands awkwardly alone.


What the hell?  There’s a “playhouse” poster on the wall, which suggests this is another theater troupe celebration.


I’m going to hazard a guess that this is a sorority party of some kind.


It’s as if the woman looking at the camera is saying, “Party’s over.  I’m about to beat this flirty blonde bunny’s ass.”


Now that’s what I call a party.


Vito, Me and Joe.  I don’t know the name of “Me”, but she’s giving Vito and Joe a lot to smile about.


Um, yeah…  is anyone going to notice the girl has a shotgun?


You know it’s a good party when….


The guy’s eyes may suggest he’s stoned; but I think this may be his first co-ed party, and he’s just high on life.


Forget the keg – bring on the super-sized Schweppes!


This is dated February 1971.  These party-goers are all in their sixties now.  A troubling thought!


None of the parties I went to in the 1980s had beautiful women spanking each other (under a paint-by-numbers tiger, no less).  Evidently, my choice in parties to attend was severely lacking.


Feel free to use this as your desktop wallpaper. In fact, I recommend it.  You will never be sad again.


This is from a party dated 1982.  Man, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m sorry I missed this little gathering.

I suspect whoever is with the lady in yellow is going to have a good time tonight.  Just a hunch.

037_hey-whats-going-on-here This is genuine happiness – you can’t fake this kind of joy.  Our current times are so full of division, judgement, and hostility – we could take a queue from the 1970s and start to lighten up, enjoy each other’s company and get to partying.

  • BOB

    Stellar pics.

  • Mark Armacost

    Everyone looks so genuinely happy, so optimistic. Even the best parties I’ve been to lack this kind of joie de vivre. And they all featured a lot of drugs. People are so inhibited and cynical these days. It’s so unfair!

  • bOb Dobbs

    The party dated ’82 looks like good old homemade pancakes.

  • Standing Tall As An American

    We knew how to have a good time back then.

    The fact that the drinking age was 18 has nothing to do with it.


  • njguy54

    If any of these were an office party happening today, everyone involved would be fired. Sad to say, but these days, the only office parties are no office parties.

  • KGB

    Where are the fat people?

  • Aaron M

    Parties are problematics remnants of the Patriarchy. Just look at all the unchecked privilege!

  • Hatriot

    Why are they so happy? Because like everything else when something is earned you enjoy it more. We live such a life of ease that we expect these events every weekend. Those generations did not have that luxury so when these events took place and they were “events” people thoroughly enjoyed them. It is much like going out to eat. Many people eat out literally every single day, where it used to be a treat for individuals and families.

    • Mark Armacost

      There’s truth in that, but I also think it has to do with the post WWII sense of real American power and exceptionalism. There seems to have been a lot more to be happy about back then. For white people anyway.

  • JoeUSA

    Now a good time is sitting in your trailer doing meth watching your teeth and skin fall off.