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Venice Beach In The 1970s: Epic Photos Of Surf And Skate Pioneers

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The 1970s and Venice Beach, California, is at the forefront of surfing and skating. David Scott’s pictures of the era are not of twee flowers-in-the-hair California dreamers but of cool, raw skaters in an at once lugubrious and enviable setting. Reminiscent of Mark Cohen’s photographs of people in working-class Wilkes-Barre, Scott’s subjects are at ease, not tensed and concerned by the camera. The result is a fantastic record of an era.



Venice Beach skaters retro


Venice beach kids 1980s venice-beach-doug vintage-venice-beach-photo-robin-spring-1977 vintage-venice-beach-surfer-1970s vintage-venice-beach-surf-photo-1978-thrift-family vintage-venice-beach-photo-clea-1977 vintage-venice-beach-photo-philip-white vintage-venice-beach-photo-byron-becks  vintage-venice-beach-photo-duane


45303645.00116scanpixKnAgrouplocalschel and rick444venice-soren-bike Venice Beach skaters retro  vintage-venice-beach-photograph Venice Beach Venice Beach Venice Beach

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    I’ve been kicking around a story idea about these quintessential ’70s creatures. The title that keeps pushing its way into my brain is, “Rats.”