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The Titanic: 100 Years Of Films And Photos

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ONE hundred years ago today, the Titanic Karl left the quayside in Belfast. Who could have foretold that the boat would launch such a welter of films? Lest we forget: Titanic, Raise The Titanic, The Chambermaid on the Titanic, Titanic3D: Ghosts of the Abyss, Danielle Steel’s No Greater Love, Saved from the Titanic, a Nazi propaganda flick called Titanic (the boat is downed by Jews sharks, probably), A Night to Remember, a cartoon called Titanic: The Legend Goes On and the unforgivable Titanic II, in which the boat returns for one last shot at America…


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Millvina Dean, 91, from Ashurst in Hampshire, one of only three living survivors from the RMS Titanic, studies a painting of the ill-fated ocean liner at a reception at the Science Museum in London. * Millvina was just nine-weeks-old when the ship went down claiming 1,500 lives. The new exhibition shows around 200 artefacts from the historic liner, rescued by submarine from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.