I Can Has Samuel Beckett: Irish Writer Grinds Cats’ Noses In The Shit

At Flashbak we love to dig up forgotten gems and rediscover how the past never went away. Thanks to the magic of the internet, today’s creators can add their twist to what went before. This means that the work of Irish writer Samuel Beckett can be worked into a Tumblr that nods towards I Can Has Cheezburger?. Yes, that’s right. This is I Can Has Samuel Beckett, in which cute cats voice the despair of their existence. Who needs know-alls and experts to explain the essence of Beckett when you can say it so much better with cats?

(No word from Harold Pinter’s cat, more’s the pity. In a programme from 2000 for Krapp’s Last Tape, the English writer noted:

“The farther he goes the more good it does me. I don’t want philosophies, dogmas, tracts, creeds, way outs, truths, answers, nothing from the bargain basement. He is the most courageous, remorseless writer going and the more he grinds my nose in the shit, the more I am grateful to him.”

Failing to add, surely only for reasons of space and time: ‘Cats will love it. 5 Stars.”)


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