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How to Louse Up a Date! A Guide from 1948

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1948 guide to dating I

From 1948 comes this guide on how to royally screw-up on a date. ┬áThe rules are simple: Don’t be one of these guys:


1948 guide to dating a


1948 guide to dating B


1948 guide to dating C


1948 guide to dating D


1948 guide to dating E


A 1948 guide to dating F


1948 guide to dating G


1948 guide to dating H

Source: LAFF magazine, December 1948

  • njguy54

    If you’re any of these guys, you deserve to die a virgin.

  • Cee

    No pussy grabbers, though…

    • StandingTallAsAnAmerican

      … or Presidents molesting interns

      • Mark Armacost

        Since when is having an intern fall in love with you a crime? If so, I’m very guilty. Sexual assault on the other hand….

      • Phil K

        This the usual “I believe any crap I’m told about Trump as I’m too dumb to work it out for myself” post ?

  • sampoerna quatrain

    Here’s what bugs me, though: on THE PRACTICAL JOKER, why are their sleeve-loop things on her dress, and not in any other photos? Did they make those things removable??? I’m a bit behind in my 1948 party-dress trivia, and I don’t have a grandmother left to ask.

  • Mark Armacost

    Priceless. Although I think wearing that suit would louse you up from the beginning.

    • Phil K

      Nah. I can imagine what your kind wears…..

      • Mark Armacost

        My kind? What does that mean? Nevermind.

  • AlanOne7

    Did they also have a guide for the ladies? The Complainer, the Dingbat, Miss Know-it-all, the Gossip, the Liar, the Slut, the Outraged SJW, the Religious Fanatic, the Tease and the Just Plain Crazy.

    Men, if you’re old enough to be on this site, you’re old enough to know most of these.

    • Mark Armacost

      SJW? Slut? You’ve gotten lost. Go back to Breitbart.

      • Phil K

        Oh drop dead you pathetic PC hypocrite

        • Mark Armacost

          This is a fun site. Why do people like you have to ruin everything? I hate PC, but I hate boorish stupidity even more.

    • NostalgicNZer

      Sounds like you have MAJOR issues with some Women, If you view us all as Complainers, Dingbats, Know-it-alls, Gossips, Liars, Sluts, Outraged SJW’s, Religious Fanatics, Teases and Crazy women. Your issue not ours!

      • AlanOne7

        Every example in this article is a man. Are all men “Maulers” and “Incinerators”? No? Well then, I didn’t say all women are sluts or dingbats. I was simply making a point that if LAFF magazine was interested in equality, they’d give examples of females lousing up dates.

        • Mark Armacost

          Who cares? This is from the 1940s. It seems that you could learn a lot from this magazine. You would be The Boor.

      • Phil K

        Every feminazi ARE complainers – whiners I’d say – SJW’s, fanatics (religious fanatics ? Nah) the rest maybe not. Hypocrites certainly and obsessed with being told they CAN do what they CAN’T – always without proof too – proof is “sexist”

        • Mark Armacost

          Go back to Breitbart. You’re in over your head. It was a funny post and you want to turn everything into a reason to degrade women.