Carcinogenic Comics: Doral Cigarette Ads For Kids


You could never get away with this sort of thing today. Any hint that the cigarette ad is marketed towards minors is strictly verboten in the US. But back in the early seventies, it was ‘game on’. The Doral tobacco company utilized the same basic advertising strategy as Twinkies: humorous and colorful full-page comic book ads.

To make matters worse, they actually made the pack of cigarettes talk. “Taste me!” it would say…. funny that it never said “Smoke me!”


A couple observations.  First, I love how they put the word “tar” in quotes as if it’s not real tar.  Second, do you really want a “filter system you’d need a scientist to explain”?   Lastly, could this ad be more racist?  I half expected the Chinese character to say, ” Hey Joe! You try smokey smokey!”


Let’s not be too harsh on Doral.  Let’s not forget that Winston utilized The Flintstones to sell their coffin nails…


A rare breach of good judgement by the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

With their bragging about taste, the sci-fi filtration system, and their “tar” in air quotes, you’d think this was a health food.

For more talking packs of Doral cigarettes, check out their accompanying TV advert before you go…