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All posts from Paul Gallagher

24th February '17 2 769

Salvador Dali's Illustrations for the 'Little Napoleon of Showmanship' Billy Rose's Autobiography

You know Billy Rose, of course you do. The 'Basement Belasco'. The 'Bantum Barnum'. The 'Egregious Effendi'. The 'Little Napoleon of Showmanship'. That was the guy.

5th January '17 0 1729

I Live In A Ghost Town: Photographer Creates A City Without People

After ten years as a musician and singer the writer and photographer Thibaut Derien was tired of living in the city.

4th November '16 0 1305

Unpublished Since 1970: Photos From Inside Fabled King's Road Boutique Alkasura

This is the first time these photographs – taken inside London’s legendary glam boutique Alkasura – have been published since they appeared in a Japanese fashion magazine in 1970

22nd August '16 0 1725

Reel Stories: Photographs from a Lost Roll of Film (Los Angeles, 1930)

These photographs come from a lost roll of film found in an antique store in Downtown Los Angeles.

23rd June '16 0 1466

You Need Your Head Examined: Pages from 'Vaught’s Practical Character Reader' (1902)

Phrenology is the study of the various bumps and lumps on the human skull that were once thought to reveal an individual's character, thoughts, and emotions.

19th May '16 0 1811

Grace Jones Fucked The 'Caveman Shit' And Conquered the World

Singer, songwriter, muse and former supermodel Grace Jones has one idea how to make the world more peaceable. She thinks all men "need to be penetrated…at least once in their lifetime.”

21st April '16 0 1440

Magical History Tour: Snaps of John Lennon on an Isle of Man School Trip, 1951

John Lennon was just one of a class of excited kids from Dovedale Junior School in Liverpool when these photographs were taken by teacher Fred Bolt on a trip to the Isle of Man in the summer of 1951.

13th April '16 0 980

'Death is their Destiny': Captain Zip's Punk Home Movies

Phil Munoch was just twelve years old when he wrote, directed and starred in Comedy Capers--a short Super-8 film made at his parents' home near Tower Bridge, London, in 1964.

7th April '16 0 1048

The Key of Hell: An 18th century Book of Black Magic

Clavis Inferni or The Key of Hell is an eighteenth century occult book written by Cyprianus.

3rd April '16 3 3020

Better Than Sherlock Holmes: Detective Alphonse Bertillon's Crime Scene Photographs

According to his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes only had one real rival--the French police detective Alphonse Bertillon.