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20 Photos of the Kings Road on a Hot August Day in 1976.

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Accompanied by Klaus Hiltscher – the Rock n’ Roll accountant or Affendaddy as he is known on Flickr – take a stroll down the Kings Road on an August day during the long hot summer of 1976.


Kings Road 19 Bus 1976

Kings Road Blurred people

Kings Road Cecil Gee

The Great Gear Trading Company Kings Road

1976 - London - Kings Road Meeny's

Ruth is buying some fruits

1976 - London - Kings Road Dayvilles

1976 - London - Kings Road Bambi on at the Odeon

1976 - London - Kings Road finger pointing

1976 - London - Kings Road

1976 - London - Kings Road 2

1976 - London - Kings Road 3

1976 - London - Kings Road building site

1976 - London - Kings Road To Let over Sloane

1976 - London - Kings Road Flares striding

1976 - London - Kings Road Tiger Tiger

1976 London  Kings Road  Chelsea Drugstore

1976 - London - Kings Road bus

1976 - London - Kings Road Ind Coope Markham

All photos courtesy of Klaus Hiltscher who can be found on Flickr here.

  • Ink

    Sorry these photos are rubbish, could be from anywhere.

    • Through With Buzz

      Wrong. If you lived there back then these are very evocative. It is the every day that brings back the memories not the poser punk pics.

    • Caroline

      For anyone who was brought up here these pictures invoke many memories. So no they certainly couldn’t be from anywhere.

      • Gina Ware

        Indeed, this was my home patch. I got most emotional seeing Derek Kirkham’s greengrocery shop. I remember that summer so well.

        • Caroline

          Haha those late night shops that saved us when we ran out of milk, coffee and fags all those years ago? How the Kings road has changed from when I was growing up. Personally I find it quite bland and boring compared to the old days. Though of course the streets and squares will always be beautiful and unique, totally “Chelsea” but the actual street has lost its shopping appeal but then so has so many. I think its just my age…. 🙂 Chelsea has changed beyond words since when I was first sauntering down the Kings road as a teenager. Today sitting outside a restaurant in the Duke of Yorks complex I was struck by the many glamorous and beautiful people. Everybody looking so well dressed in the very latest fashion. Chelsea was not always the playground of the rich as it is today. It was the poor cousin of Kensington where the black sheep of the family or bohemian more decadent element would live. It’s the influence of all the Europeans (especially French and Spanish) now living in the area (which though the English complain they have been priced out?) Their sophistication has rubbed off in a good way. Gosh I wonder what it will be like in another 30 years time.

  • Charlie Gillan

    Yeh anywhere that had the Chelsea Drugstore, Great Gear Market, Antique Markets, etc etc. Just a pity no pics of Boy, Seditionaries, Let it rock which I’d loved to have seen. Surprised how contemporary it looks, I thought it would look much more dated than it does…

    • Through With Buzz

      If you look closer there is plenty of mid century “hang over” buildings.

  • marycigarettes

    the chelsea drug store became a macdonalds..wouldn’t you know it. not one music related shop down the kings road anymore. i loved ‘rock dreams’ for records.

  • Heh, I moved into the area two years before these pictures (I still live on Upper Cheyne Row) and oh boy I remember so many of those places! The “Guys and Dolls” was a series of different restaurant formats over the next decade, from kebab joint to bistro and back again, haha. Choy’s Chinese Restaurant only *very* recently closed. And I see the Pheasantry’s fate still hung in the balance in 1976… but OMG those tight arsed flares!

  • June Killington

    I worked on the Kings Road in 76 and lived a couple of streets behind it. I worked in the Beaufort Markets and in Pizzaland. I was a punk at that time and it was all happening!