Bo Diddley’s Guide To Survival : Drugs, Smelling Good And Sizing Up Her Boyfriend


Bo Diddley (born: Ellas McDaniel; December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008) took time to deliver his Guide to Survival. In it he advises on issues such as love, food, wellness and smelling good.

Alcohol and Drugs: Only drink Grand Marnier, and that’s to keep the throat from drying up in a place where there’s a lot of smoke. As for drugs: a big NO!

Food: Eat anytime, anything you can get your hands on. I mean it!

Health: Whenever you get to feeling weird, take Bayer aspirin. I can’t stand taking all that other bullshit.

Money: Always take a lawyer with you, and then bring another lawyer to watch him.

Defense: I can’t go around slapping people with my hands or else I’d go broke. So I take karate, and kick when I fight. Of course, I got plenty of guns – one real big one. But guns are for people trying to take your home, not some guy who makes you mad. I used to be a sheriff down in New Mexico for two and a half years, so I know not to pull it right away.

Cows: If they wanna play, and you don’t wanna make pets out of ‘em, and you can’t eat ‘em – then get rid of ‘em!

Women: If you wanna meet a nice young lady, then you try to smell your best. A girl don’t like nobody walking up in her face smelling like a goat. Then, you don’t say crap like “Hey, don’t I know you?” The first thing you ask her is: “Are you alone?” If she tells you that she’s with her boyfriend, then you see if the cat’s as big as you. If you don’t have no money, just smell right. And for God’s sake don’t be pulling on her and slapping on her. You don’t hit the girls! If you do this, you can’t miss.

Hearing: Just don’t put your ears in the speakers.


Bo Diddley


Take it away Bo Diddley – and that the great Norma-Jean Wofford (‘The Duchess’) on guitar.


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