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Sir Oswald Mosley and the ‘Blackshirts’ British Union of Fascists – in photos

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MUCH talk of the rise of extremism in mainland Europe. In the 1930s, Great Britain had its own racists. Sir Oswald Mosley was the  leader of the ‘Blackshirts’,the British Union of Fascists. His wife, Lady Diana Mosley was deemed more dangerous than her husband according to secret documents published by the Public Record Office in Kew, west London. These are photos of Mosely and his gang in action. It looks laughable now, but once upon time had the Nazis won these people would have been the country’s pre-eminent murderers…


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Sir Oswald Mosley is surfboard riding, astern of a speed boat, one of the many delights to be enjoyed at Cap D'Antibes, France in 1930. Those members of society who are not grouse shooting are pretty sure of being found here, bathing in the lovely Southern sun, and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Sir Oswald Mosley, who is holidaying at the cap with his family, enjoys a thrill in surf riding here. (AP Photo)