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Queen Visits Bletchley Park: How The War Was Won (In Photos)

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THE Queen has unveiled an 8ft memorial which carries the words “We Also Served” during a visit to Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes. She met Jean Valentine, a wartime operator of the Guring Bombe machine, turned on the Enigma code-breaking machine and hailed Britain’s Second World War codebreakers whose vital work remained unknown for decades.

She said it was “impossible to overstate” the sense of gratitude to the men and women who worked there. Britain has a rich history of listening in to other’s people chatter. GCHQ and the police train the spooks to snoop on us all – Rupert Murdoch and the BBC employ them…


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Codebreaking equipment used during World War II at the wartime intelligence centre at Bletchley Park, which is to be turned into a museum of communications technology.