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Like Punk Never Happened – Kays Catalogue Menswear from 1977

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Crimplene Leisure Suits Kays 1977

Kay and Co Ltd was actually originally founded in Worcester in 1886 when William Kilbourne Kay started a jewellery and watch business with a local architect called George Jones. Four years later Kay struck out on his own and changed the name of the company to Kay’s of Worcester. But on 23 February 2007 their original depot in the town closed. Littlewoods and Kays combined to become Shop Direct which was based in Liverpool. The Kays brand was kept going until January 2011 and is now known as K. and co.

Men's casual wear 1977 Kays

Kay's trunks menswear 1977


mens dressing gown house coats 1977  Kays


Boyswear Kays 1977

Kays Catalogues mens coats 1977


Boys Wear Kays 1977


Men's Casual wear suits

Men’s Casual wear suits

The Shetland story

Kay menswear from 1977

Kays Jackets menswear 1977

Kays Trainers 1977

  • Archie Dux

    The 70’s were an absolutely miserable time to be a fat guy. Pants with crotch-squeezing fit that came up only halfway to your navel. Bellbottoms to make sure you tripped over them if they sagged just a tiny bit. I like a retina-assaulting plaid as much as anyone, but screw bellbottoms. Sodomize them with a splintery toilet plunger, so to speak.