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Found Photos: 1970s Studio Portraits

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1970 portrait found photos


You may have wondered why Flashbak hasn’t done a post on old portraits – you know, the Olan Mills variety, the kind still hanging in your parent’s house, much to your eternal shame.  I’ve covered vintage fashion and decor extensively, but haven’t felt like putting up so-called “found photos”.  The reason is the same reason I detest the People of Wal-Mart website.  It’s condescending.

That being said, I’m over it now.  I shouldn’t underestimate my readers – it’s okay to laugh at ourselves.  After all, we all looked like this in the seventies.  It’s good natured fun, really.  And it just wouldn’t be right to keep some of these godawful treasures to myself.  These pictures belong on Retrospace – this is their natural resting place.  So, bring it on – here come some old studio photographs for your viewing pleasure!


Today, we’re going to start with some portraits from a Dutch studio.  These are all “found photos” – i.e. they were not presented by anyone associated with the photo.  Rather, they were found at a flea market or antique store or something.  These all come from a set on Flickr, which you will be directed to if you click on the images.


1970 portrait found photos


I’m digging the heavy duty eye shadow and funky hairstyle. But, for me, it’s all about the Hercules sandals. If she only had a cape, she could be a sidekick to Isis or something.


1970 portrait found photos


I remember when it was popular to dress in clothes that would’ve fit right in on Little House on the Prairie.  In the latter half of the seventies you had the shiny disco styles alongside clothes meant for square dancing.  Button front denim prairie skirts, calico patterns, and poofy sleeves were mainstream fashions back in the day.  Yes, boys and girls, this girl is actually dressed very fashionably.


1970 portrait found photos


Yes, the seventies were the golden age of facial hair…. and, unfortunately, also of tinted glasses.  Something tells me these two were sexual dynamos -just a feeling I get.


1970 portrait found photos


I’m a people watcher – I like to look at people and determine what they’re like.  These two are an easy read: she’s perky and talks real fast, and he’s got a dry wit and thinks he’s really smart.


1970 portrait found photos


What’s with the near upskirt in a studio portrait?


Mejuffrouw Traats 1971


Voted most likely to join Wicca.  A black cat on her lap would complete this picture.


1970 portrait found photos


Don’t let her looks fool you. She will rock your world.


1970 portrait found photos


I’m starting to get the impression there was only one chair in this Dutch studio.


1970 portrait found photos


Mom needs to look at the camera.  We can only hold these frozen smiles for so long. Where’s dad?


1970 portrait found photos

No comment. Press on.


1970 portrait found photos


Very awkward position to take on that chair – her ass is falling off the armrest.


1970 portrait found photos


Given the necklace, I assume this is a girl.  Should consider growing her hair out and not wearing sweaters with zippers.
1970 portrait found photos
Holy crap.  Just…. holy crap.

  • David

    Basically, in the 1970’s, everyone looked horrible.

    I have an old family portrait photo from 1976. It’s gloriously horrible. We’re all wearing bright orange polyester shirts with huge collars and even larger hair.

    It’s one of my favs.

    • flashbakcom

      Can you send it in?

  • mothloop

    World Rocker babe… oh yeah!

  • moorewr

    Ignore the haters and keep rocking those zipper sweaters, young lady.