Doodle Pad Dollies: Artist ‘Fills In The Lines’ On A DIY Mid-Century Sex Mag

In the 1940s and 1950s, women led double lives. By day and in public they were mothers, homemakers, wives and rewards for fighting the Hun – the full gamut of female potential. But when seen through the eyes of innocent and, some might say, delighted men, mid-Century women became scatty-brained slatterns, unable even to carry home the daily celery, wrap gifts for Christmas or ride a broomstick without exposing their primary sexual characteristics to hard-working stiffs.

For cheapskates with active imaginations unable to afford a pancake magazine – or even a Tijuana Bible – there was the Doodle Pad, with its invitation to “fill in your own lines”. To get you started, the lovely doodlette was presented in a state of undress. The tricky bits (those body parts no-man even notices – face, fingers, feet and hair) were ready-drawn by a skilled hand, leaving Joe Ink to simply attach Betty’s breasts and buttocks.

David Jablow was given one pad by a friend cleaning out his parents house at the Jersey shore. David had fun with the possibilities. If you know the publisher, please let us know.




doodling 7 doodling 1 doodling 2 doodling 3 doodling 4 doodling 5 doodling 6

dp16bottle-cap dp7pod dp3lawn dp2bowling





diyd5riveter diyd6the-dig diyd2barn1



diyd7trapeeze diyd3angeldevil1 diyd12papooses-revenge diyd15cat-burglar diyd23hobo (1) diyd28robot diyd33talent-show diyd1ninja5




diydp-2-land-rush diydp-1-z-girls

Via David Jablow