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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 4

28th November '16 0 1297

The Unwilling Tourist: Adolf Hoffmeister's 1941 Guide To Being A Refugee

“I have nothing very nice to say about myself, but one thing I know, on my honour, I’m no philistine” - Adolf Hoffmeister, 1961, lawyer, artist, politician and author of Unwilling Tourists

21st November '16 0 881

Life Is Elsewhere: Abandoned Schools In The Irish Countryside

"Due to a long-term tradition of emigration, and changing rural demographics, there are a surprising amount of abandoned school houses in the Irish countryside

19th November '16 0 776

19th-Century Photographer Félix Nadar On How To Be Brilliant And Make Money From Art

"In photography, like in all things, there are people who can see and others who cannot even look." - Felix Nadar

19th November '16 0 2426

Glorious Pictures Of London In 1967

Libby Hall's pictures of London feature one of my favourite photos to have appeared on Flashbak.

14th November '16 0 1130

Josef Skvorecky Recites The Nazis 10 Rules To Combat Jazz

“If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know,” said Louis Armstrong. The Nazis knew what it wasn't.

11th November '16 1 1103

The Peculiar Tale Of Robert Lenkiewicz And Diogenes, The Tramp Who Became The Ultimate Memento Mori

When Robert Lenkiewicz died from a heart attack at his Plymouth, Devon, art studio, he was not alone. The embalmed body of a man known as Diogenes was in a concealed drawer in the painter’s library.

7th November '16 3 2138

Stunning Behind The Scenes Photos From The Night Of The Hunter (1955)

Did you ever see a film that when it ends you realise you've not moved in your seat?

5th November '16 0 1319

I Felis Catus: A Cat At Home In The 1970s

"This is one of my favorite collections of found photographs."

2nd November '16 1 2324

P.T.O.: Found Photos That Say So Much On The Back

P.T.O. these found photos to read the message on the back.

1st November '16 2 1301

An Afternoon At The Engineer's Arms Pub, Leiston, Suffolk (1966)

Sydney C. Stolley, licensee of the Engineers Arms public house, Leiston, Suffolk, opened his doors in 1966 to Libby Hall and her camera in 1966...