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All posts from Rob Baker

27th February '17 0 182

Winifred Atwell - The Amazing Honky Tonk Woman

The first black musician in the UK to sell a million records

4th February '17 1 2735

'Fanny Hill - Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure' Covers and Artwork (NSFW)

I thrill / To any book like Fanny Hill, / And I suppose I always will, / If it is swill / And really fil- / thy. Tom Lehrer.

1st February '17 0 2440

'Youth Unemployment - 1980-1981' Stunning Photos of Newcastle by Tish Murtha

"Unemployed, bored, embittered and angry young men and women are fuel for fire"

22nd January '17 19 67159

The Rise, Fall, and Lonely Death of Benny Hill

"Live everyday as though it's your last 'cause one day you'll be right."

19th January '17 0 1655

Fascinating Photos of Dublin in 1973

16th January '17 1 1224

100 Years of Amazing Piccadilly Circus Photos

On the day the lights are dimmed we celebrate London's famous landmark

9th January '17 0 1391

Colour Snapshots from a Trip to London in 1970

The days of Watney's Red Barrel and Hush Puppy 'Brushed Pigskin Shoes'.

7th January '17 1 1100

The See Red Women's Workshop Feminist Posters 1974-1990

Pick up these posters, bear them aloft and act upon them. For there is indeed a great deal that needs to be done.

3rd January '17 0 1517

Evocative Photos of London Trolley Buses in 1962 - Their Final Year

At its peak, the London network of Trolley Buses was the largest in the world

17th December '16 0 1052

When Tallulah Bankhead met Gerald du Maurier in London in 1923

“Daddy, that’s the most beautiful girl I ever saw in my life.” Daphne du Maurier.