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All posts from Rob Baker

24th May '17 1 349

Photos From 'SPIRIT OF 76: LONDON PUNK EYEWITNESS', By John Ingham

Extraordinary photos from the bewildering beginnings of punk.

21st May '17 0 365

Greet the Dawn! - Labour Party Election Posters from the 20th Century

"Let's Go with Labour and Get Things Done"

18th May '17 0 640

North, East, South, West - View from the Post Office Tower in 1970

17th May '17 3 911

It Commands Respect Wherever it Travels! - Cadillac Ads 1960-62

"Distance is never more enchanting..."

10th May '17 3 3225

Glorious Colour Photographs of London in 1972

9th May '17 2 2679

The Drive of Our Lives - The Heyday of the Motorway Service Station

When Life in the Fast Lane was fun.

4th May '17 1 1485

Bananarama in Smash Hits Magazine 1981-1986

Hopes dashed to the floor, Like shattered teenage dreams

17th April '17 4 5421

The Air Stewardess in Advertising 1934-1989

"No Floor Show...Just a Working Girl Working"

15th April '17 3 1357

Brilliant Ephemera from Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window'

Photos, behind the scenes stills, lobby cards and posters from Hitchcock's masterpiece.

13th April '17 6 1507

"Fly the Friendly Skies" - United Airlines Ads 1934-1970

"Everyone gets warmth, friendliness and extra care..."