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All posts from Rob Baker

16th January '17 0 533

100 Years of Amazing Piccadilly Circus Photos

On the day the lights are dimmed we celebrate London's famous landmark

9th January '17 0 1186

Colour Snapshots from a Trip to London in 1970

The days of Watney's Red Barrel and Hush Puppy 'Brushed Pigskin Shoes'.

7th January '17 1 933

The See Red Women's Workshop Feminist Posters 1974-1990

Pick up these posters, bear them aloft and act upon them. For there is indeed a great deal that needs to be done.

3rd January '17 0 1419

Evocative Photos of London Trolley Buses in 1962 - Their Final Year

At its peak, the London network of Trolley Buses was the largest in the world

17th December '16 0 918

When Tallulah Bankhead met Gerald du Maurier in London in 1923

“Daddy, that’s the most beautiful girl I ever saw in my life.” Daphne du Maurier.

3rd December '16 3 13867

Twenty-Five Lady Chatterley's Lover Covers

"The novel that shocked the world"

2nd December '16 0 1433

Twenty Fascinating Photos of Oxford Street in 1954 by Hans Richard Griebe

A rare sense of how everyday people looked in the mid-1950s as they went about their lives in central London.

23rd November '16 0 1573

The Southern Comfort Happy Hour Bar Guide from 1969

When happiness is a day's work done and it's time for an hour of fun!

19th November '16 2 4130

Twenty-Five Men's Fashion Ads in Playboy 1966-1977

What kind of man reads Playboy? Someone with no fashion sense whatsoever.

14th November '16 4 2211

Whatever Happened to the Picturegoer Cover 'Stars'? 1958-1960

Which of the 'Cheesecake' cover stars made it and who were destined for obscurity?