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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 9

30th August '16 0 599

The Men Who Ran The Burlington Route - June 1965

It's great set of retro office pictures. Not a computer in sight!...

26th August '16 0 1123

Kodachrome Slides Of A Family At San Francisco's Golden Gate Exposition (1939)

These Kodachrome slides were purchased at an estate sale in Oakland, California. They show a family out at the 1939 Golden gate International Exposition at Treasure Island....

25th August '16 0 938

Waiting to Leave: Portraits At LAX's Airplane Landing View Point (1982)

In 1982 John King took a trip to a scarred empty lot right next to the runway at LAX. The place is now called Airplane Landing View

24th August '16 1 2241

People Of Tompkins Square Park, New York City, Summer of Love 1967

In 1967, James Jowers (American b. 1938) took these pictures of people in and around New York City's Tompkin's Square park

23rd August '16 1 2266

Tin Walls And Technicolor: Abandoned Houses of the Hebrides

John Maher, former drummer with Manchester punk band Buzzcocks, moved to the Isle of Harris in 2002.

23rd August '16 0 628

The Great Break: The Russian Peasant Becomes The Collective Farmer (1920-1931)

The Great Break. From the surplus to total collectivization - the history of the transformation of the Russian peasant in the collective farmer.

22nd August '16 7 2675

The Right Way With Guns: The National Rifle Association Comic Book From 1956

Here's a sixteen page story arguing for guns full of terrible consequences....

22nd August '16 0 817

The Apollo 11 Launch in Super Slow Motion, July 16, 1969

On July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 blasted the first humans to the moon.

21st August '16 0 1055

Children's World: A Sinister Russian Fashion Show From 1958

In 1958, Russian photographer Vsevolod Tarasevich created Children's World.

21st August '16 0 409

Photos Of People Reading On An Ordinary Day In Leningrad (1960)

Photographer Vsevolod Tarasevich loved watching the people who read.