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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 9

28th October '16 0 993

'Darkness Will Appear on the Face of the Abyss': The Art of Alchemical Teachings (1500 - 1825)

The language of alchemy is encoded cryptic, symbolic, shadowy, secretive and dense.

18th October '16 1 1840

Colour Slides of London, October 1978

"I remember the man selling daffodils because he had a very loud, rough voice. His accent was like one of the characters in the TV show Steptoe and Sons. However, instead of scrap iron, he was selling these beautiful flowers..."

16th October '16 1 4230

Color Slides of New York City, April 1979

"I have never returned to New York so my view of the city is stuck in time like these photos"...

15th October '16 1 1362

Portraits From The Photo Booth Time Machine: West London In The 1980s

Myself and my friends were born and breed in suburban West London, writes Mark Charnock. In our mid teen years Greenford & Ealing Broadway stations were our link to hipper parts of London...

13th October '16 4 1877

Asylum: Inside The Ruins Of America's Vast Mental Hospitals

For more than half the nation's history, vast mental hospitals were a prominent feature of the American landscape. From the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth, more than 250 institutions for the insane were built throughout the United States...

9th October '16 0 6203

Mata Hari In Photos: The Ultimate Femme Fatale and Woman of Courage

Mata Hari lived dangerously. She would die courageously...

6th October '16 0 589

Caviar Fishing On The Caspian Sea (1949)

In 1949 Russian cinematographer and photographer Vladislav Mikosha (1909-2004) spent a day with fishermen looking for beluga sturgeon laden with black caviar roe in the Caspian Sea...

5th October '16 0 925

Wonderful Kodachromes of 1950s Utah by Max Gene Leonard

I was born in Peerless, a small mining town in Carbon County, Utah on December 21, 1922. I was the seventh of nine children born to Zoe Ellen (Powell) and Leopold Leonard.

3rd October '16 1 995

The Farm Hall Transcripts: German Nuclear Scientists Weep For Hiroshima And Regret Not Annihilating London (1945)

HAHN was completely shattered by the news and said that he felt personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, as it was his original discovery which had made the bomb possible.

3rd October '16 0 2092

The Joy Of People Knitting In The 20th Century

Excuse me a moment,' murmured Mr Saxby, applying himself to the sock again. 'I'm just turning the heel. Do you knit?'