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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 9

14th September '16 1 748

Len Speier's New York City: Street Photography Without Questions

"I don’t like to interfere with a scene that I see, but I take each situation as it comes," says Len Speier..

11th September '16 1 1942

Sex, Slavery And A Father's Rotting Corpse: The Secret of Diary William Byrd II, Gentlemen And Planter (1907 - 1912)

"I had my father's grave open to see him," Byrd wrote, "but he was so wasted there was not anything to be distinguished. I ate fish for dinner"...

11th September '16 0 638

Newfangled Diamond Portraits (1890s)

"I have this idea that photo genres spread like fads," says John Van Noate. "You went to visit your Cousin Minnie in Buffalo and she had one of these newfangled diamond photos.."

10th September '16 1 816

Benjamin Franklin Forced Enlightenment On Isolated Prisoners Inside The World's First Penitentiary

'Thrown into solitude... [the prisoner] reflects. Placed alone, in view of his crime, he learns to hate it...'

9th September '16 0 1669

The Rolling Stones' All Night Rave: Alexandra Palace 6th June 1964

On 26th June 1964 the Rolling Stones played an All Night Rave at London's Alexandra Palace...

8th September '16 0 414

Audrey, Celia, and Olive's Joyous Days At The Beach (1927-1928)

"No matter how often I view these images, the exuberance and sheer joy expressed in these children's faces never fails to brighten my day and make me smile."

7th September '16 0 1273

Lady Day And Mister: Billy Holiday's Canine Partners In Crime

Jazz singer Eleanora Faganm, aka Billie Holiday and Lady Day, (April 7, 1915–July 17, 1959) loved her dog, Mister...

7th September '16 0 760

William P. Gottlieb's Mirror Images From The Golden Age Of Jazz (1938 - 1948)

Writer and photographer William P. Gottlieb documented the jazz scene in New York City and Washington, D.C., from 1938 to 1948, a time seen as the "Golden Age of Jazz".

6th September '16 1 2914

Sassy Women In 1970s New York Purgatory, By Meryl Meisler

"You can never go to heaven, the best you can do is purgatory”

5th September '16 1 803

Andy Warhol Eats A Burger King And Asks 'Where is the beautiful McDonald's?'

Andy Warhol never did shill for Burger King. But in 1981 he did eat a burger on camera for an art film made by Danish poet, novelist, filmmaker and Tour De France TV commentator Jorgen Leth.