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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 6

29th December '16 1 1800

'Swing, Man': Frank Sinatra's Letter to George Michael

"When I saw your Calendar cover today about George Michael, "the reluctant pop star," my first reaction was he should thank the good Lord..."

28th December '16 1 703

Richard Adams On Death At The End of A Long Life

Richard Adams, the author of Watership Down, the novel first published in 1972, has words on death at the end of a long life.

25th December '16 0 3370

Rick Parfitt On Drugs And Smoking Two Cigarettes

“It will take more than death to kill me”.

23rd December '16 0 1339

Cal Schenkel And The Fathers of Invention: The Genesis of Frank Zappa's Album Covers

Can you inherit artistic ability? Frank Zappa artist Cal Schenkel shares his grandfather's art...

22nd December '16 4 3267

Mid-Century Women Enjoying Real Christmas Trees

The gallery of mid-century women enjoying fake Christmas trees is glorious. But if all that aluminum leaves you hankering for the look of real pine, we've got pictures for that, too.

21st December '16 4 47238

Mid-Century Women Enjoying Aluminum Christmas Trees

The joy of a fake Christmas tree...

19th December '16 0 778

Lantern Slides Of Tourists And Destinations In Norway At The End Of The 19th Century

These hand tinted lantern slides show tourists and destinations in Norway around the turn of the 19th century.

19th December '16 1 1499

Maud's Kodachromes

We don't know her name. All we know is that whenever 'Maud' was captured on Kodachrome film, she was alone in the frame and possessed of a regal detachment.

18th December '16 0 1778

The Marijuana Mystery: A 1991 Anti-Drugs Comic

The Marijuana Mystery is a free comic created and distributed to schools across the USA by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in 1991.

17th December '16 0 968

A Children's Treasury of Mark E. Smith Verse

Hey kids," writes Erik K, "it’s another instalment from A Children’s Treasury of Mark E, Smith Verse, in which the tome becomes self-aware, and possibly psychic. It’s starting to scare me."