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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 3

23rd April '17 0 818

Salvador Dali's illustrations for Alice's Adventure's In Wonderland (1969)

In 1969 Salvador Dali illustrated Lewis Carroll's classic book Alice's Adventure's In Wonderland.

20th April '17 0 339

Andy Warhol's Illustrations for The Little Red Hen (1958)

Andy Warhol (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987) featured in Best In Children's Books (number 15), a 1958 anthology. He illustrated the Little Red Hen, the story of a cat, a dog, a mouse and a hen setting up home in a house.

17th April '17 0 724

Winston Churchill's License To Drink 'Unlimited' Alcohol In Prohibition America And How Careless Driving Saves Lives

In December 1931, Winston Churchill was forced to cancel a lucrative 40-stop lecture tour of the United States on account of his being bit by a car on his way to dinner with financier Bernard Baruch on New York City’s Upper East Side.

16th April '17 0 448

Charles Eames' 30 Answers To 'What Is Design?' (1969)

In 1969, Charles Eames was interviewed by Madame L’Amic of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs.

9th April '17 3 1282

Danza Macabra Europea: Alberto Martini's Depraved World War Postcards

The cartoonist's job is to seek truth and skewer prejudices of every sort. Martini savages humanity with a sharp, dirty, disgusting and ebullient wit.

9th April '17 0 584

Branch Rickey's Jackie Robinson Scouting Report That Saved America

Branch Rickey (1881–1965) is best known for breaking the color bar when he brought Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) into major league baseball in 1947.

8th April '17 0 616

Marijuana In Van Nuys Jail, Los Angeles, 1951

Eyes wide open and wondering what a marijuana plant is doing in police station.

5th April '17 1 1296

Life, Love And Murder: A Secret Lodz Ghetto Time Capsule

"I buried my negatives in the ground in order that there should be some record of our tragedy"

3rd April '17 0 4055

The Gonzo Insanity of 1960s Israeli Holocaust Porn

Stalag fiction was perhaps the ultimate taboo-busting literature: Holocaust pornography.

2nd April '17 1 2178

Joyous Snapshots Of The 1981 Reading Festival

Reading Festival in the 1970s and Steven Vaughan's great snapshots of the show in 1979. Now Steve shares with us his photos of Reading Festival 1981.