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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 3

13th January '17 0 703

Tundra Kids: Nenet Children Inside Russia’s Indigenous Boarding School

At the start of each school year, Nenet children aged 3 to 13 are taken by helicopter from their homes on the tundra to spend 9 months in a boarding school.

10th January '17 0 1090

Gorgeous and Intriguing Photos Of Pre-Cold War Vienna 1959-1960

"In 1959 I had just turned 18. I had my first ‘proper’ camera," writes Libby Hall.

9th January '17 0 644

Jack Kerouac's Golden Letter to Edie: Nothing Ever Happened. Everything Is Ecstasy

Dear Edie, It's all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don't know it because of our thinking-minds...

8th January '17 0 721

My Cub Scout Log Book (1957)

Were you a cub scout in May 1957 in Beverly, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia? If you were, this could be you...

7th January '17 0 1472

The World's Ancient Trees: Where To Find Them And What They Teach Us

Beth Moon's spectacular, hyper-real yet romantic portraits of ancient, strange and immense trees rooted in existence inspire us all to get out of ourselves and into nature

5th January '17 1 929

Trader Vic's Kitchen Kibitzer: Illustrations From A 1952 Cookbook

In 1952, even the most hapless schmuck with a tiny paper umbrella could whip up a menu like they do in Trader Vic's, the Polynesian-themed restaurant chain

3rd January '17 1 1751

Robin Williams Miming In Central Park (1974)

In 1974, 22-year-old Daniel Sorine trained his camera on two mime artists performing in New York's Central Park. One was Robin Williams

2nd January '17 0 1329

Europe's Last Pagans: The Mari People

'Europe's Last Pagans' is the role given to the Mari tribes

2nd January '17 3 869

The Foods of Provincial New Jersey In Vintage Postcards

Vintage postcards picturing the foods of provincial New Jersey restaurants, hotels, and diners

1st January '17 1 2495

A Slum City For Slum People: Jacob Riis' Photos Of New York's Other Half (1890)

One night Riis was bedding down in the Church Street Station Lodging-room when his gold locket keepsake was stolen and his dog clubbed to death.