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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 3

19th February '17 2 1785

Retro Interiors: Dream Homes And Telltale Furniture

These photographs of interiors were acquired by vernacular collector Robert E. Jackson. Looking at them makes us wonder what the decor reveals about the owners' interior lives.

17th February '17 1 460

The Cubies' ABC: A Biting Satire On Modern Art (1913)

The Cubies' ABC is a terrific collection of drawings by husband wife team The Cubies ABC , Earl Harvey Lyall , Mary Mills Lyall (verse).

16th February '17 0 619

Lorenzetti’s Allegory of Good and Bad Government: A Revolutionary Painting For Then And Now

The Allegory of Good and Bad Government is 'one of the most revolutionary painting cycles of the 14th century'...

15th February '17 0 2328

Jim Jocoy's West Coast Punk Rock Photography – SF/LA 1977-1980

Jim Jocoy's intimate polaroids and prints (1977 - 1980) take us back to the days of West Coast punk.

14th February '17 0 743

Scenes From A Rainy Day In Norwich Connecticut (1940)

In November, 1940, Jack Delano took these pictures of a rainy day in Norwich, Connecticut for the Farm Security Administration.

7th February '17 2 1047

Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi: The Most Punk Play Of All Time

Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi was banned after only two performances (one of which was the dress rehearsal). It really was that good.

7th February '17 0 982

The Spider-Man Underscore: Groovy Incidental Music From The 1960s TV Series

One YouTuber has gone through the entire first series and parts of seasons 2 and 3, stripped out as much of the dialogue as possible “pieced back together into complete form” and produced a long-play recording that sounds great.

6th February '17 1 2195

Postcards of Dead Bodies: Grim Souvenirs From The Mexican Revolution

Some of the postcards from 1910-1920 show dead bodies, the remains of people executed in judgement and killed in combat.

6th February '17 0 1792

Sublime Portraits Of Native Americans At The Dawn of The 20th Century

We've show you photographs of Native Americans in the early 1900s before, most notably Edward C. Curtis's wonderful portraits and ceremonial masks. But nothing betters George Bancroft Cornish's work.

4th February '17 1 937

The Greyhound Bus Terminal, Washington DC: April 1941

April 1941, and the Greyhound bus terminal at Washington DC is bustling.