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All posts from Karen Strike

20th August '17 0 249

Grete Stern's Surreal Dreams Of Female Emancipation (1948 - 1951)

I 1948, Argentinian women's magazine Idilio commissioned German-born Grete Stern to illustrate women's dreams.

16th August '17 0 2078

The Other Side Of The Berlin Wall: Life On A Street In 1980s East Germany

In 1981, Harf Zimmermann (born: Dresden 1955) moved into a flat on Hufelandstrasse, East Berlin. His photos take us there...

11th August '17 0 1429

Charles Dellschau: The Visionary Artist Found In A Dumpster

In 1969 second-hand furniture dealer Fred Washington bought 12 notebooks a trash collector had found in a Houston, Texas, dumpster following a house clearance.

7th August '17 0 2048

David Bowie Unseen: A Hidden 1967 Photoshoot

"He was very polite," says Gerald Fearnley, who took these photographs of 20-year-old David Bowie in 1967. "I don’t remember how he ended up in my studio."

6th August '17 0 1260

Kraftwerk's First Performance - The Rockpalast Show In Long Hair and Leather (1970)

In 1970, the year the band formed, Kraftwerk performed their first concert, appearing in Soest, West Germany.

30th July '17 0 4335

Rare Photos Of Freddie Mercury And His True Love Jim Hutton

"Fuck off,” came the reply. When John Alexander returned, Jim Hutton pointed the man out who'd just tried to chat him up. “That’s Freddie Mercury,” said John. “Freddie who?” asked Jim.

23rd July '17 0 781

Every Illustration From Shizhuzhai Shuhua Pu - The World's Oldest Multicolor Book (1633)

In 1633 Chinese printer Hu Zhengyan used the douban technique to produce what is now the world's oldest multicolor printed book, Shizhuzhai Shuhua Pu.

22nd July '17 0 1121

A Color Tour of France (1890-1900)

Through the wonder of Photochrom coloring, we see views of France's most famous landmarks and holiday spots.

16th July '17 2 721

The Vanilla Fudge Room: The Lost Chapter from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

"Eight little children, such charming little chicks. But two of them said 'Nuts to you', and then there were six."

14th July '17 3 1389

Marilyn Monroe’s Poetry And The 430 Books She Read In Public

Marilyn Monroe loved being photographed with her pert nose in a book.