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All posts from Karen Strike

22nd March '17 0 852

RIP Chuck Barris: The Popsicle Twins Linger Forever

The Gong Show's lowlight came in 1977, when we saw Have You Got A Nicke, aka AKA the Popsicle Twins, 17-year-old twins eating orange popsicles on stage.

21st March '17 1 1441

Bad As Hell Girls In 1950s South Philadelphia

We don't know the identities of the two girls cooling their heels in these 1950s photos. Apparently taken in Philadelphia, the pictures were in a boxlot of found photos.

20th March '17 0 502

How To Make A Peep Show And Other Ways To Dress Shop Windows (1899)

Illustrations from Nearly Three Hundred Ways To Dress Shop Windows by James Marriot, published in Baltimore, 1889, caught our eye.

19th March '17 3 6251

'Teenage Historian' Chuck Berry Reviews The Clash, Talking Heads, Joy Division And The Sex Pistols For A 1980 Punk Zine

In 1980, Chuck Berry spoke to punk zine Jet Lag. Berry talked about his first gig, signing with Leonard Chess's Chess Records, his role as a "teenage historian" and "what the kids are listening to these days".

18th March '17 0 770

Mug Shots of Fresno Transvestites (1963)

What if your mugshot photo is the best portrait any professional photographer ever took of you?

17th March '17 2 2161

Grace Slick's Isolated 'White Rabbit' Vocals Will Feed Your Head

Some bright spark has gotten hold of Grace Slick's isolated lead vocals for Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit

16th March '17 0 412

Cornel Lucas's Sublime Portraits Of Marlene Dietrich

Cornel Lucas (12 September 1920 - 8 November 2012) photographed movie stars. In 1948 Marlene Dietrich sat for him.

12th March '17 0 872

A Raucous Night At O'Rourke's Bar, Brooklyn (1960)

William Gedney (1932-1989) spent a night at O'Rourke's bar at Brooklyn, New York, on March 5 1960.

11th March '17 1 1918

Mr Steinberg's Model: A 1940s Fetish Photography Mystery

In Newcastle on 22nd of January 1949, 'Mr Steinberg’s Model' was swaddled and tied up.

10th March '17 0 1047

Faceless Men Behind Copper Masks At The Tin Nose Shop (1918)

In Paris soldiers disfigured in the First World War were given new faces fashioned from galvanized copper...