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All posts from Karen Strike

27th February '17 0 137

Children Dressed As Flowers For The Wildflower Preservation Society's Colorful Day Out (1920)

In 1920, the Wildflower Preservation Society, Illinois Chapter, convened for a celebration of native blooms. Children got into costumes made up to look like flowers.

26th February '17 0 495

When the Oscar Statue Snorted Cocaine On Hollywood Boulevard

At the 2015 Oscars Hollywood Boulevard features a life-size statue of Hollywood’s totem on his hands and knees snorting fat lines of cocaine...

26th February '17 0 467

Marie Høeg and Bolette Berg Mocked Gender Roles In These Private End Of The 19th Century Photographs

In a box marked “private”, portrait photographers Marie Høeg (1866-1949) and Bolette Berg (1872-1944) kept a stash of glassplates.

25th February '17 1 870

Marilyn Monroe In A Jackie Kennedy Wig (1962)

In 1962, six weeks before she died, Marilyn Monroe pulled on a black wig and did a passable imitation of Jackie Kennedy for Vogue magazine.

25th February '17 0 296

The Newlyweds and their Baby Were America's First Comic Book Family (1907)

'Do not pretty women generally do just abut that ridiculous sort of thing' - and marry a stupid, plain but kindly man?

24th February '17 0 390

Willy Michel And Me: A Photographer's Joyous Mid-Century Photomaton Portraits

In the summer of 1928, Willy Michel (20 August 1905 - 1 March 1976) began to star in a series of photo booth portraits that would continue for years.

23rd February '17 0 1011

Frida Kahlo's Touching Letter to A Troubled Georgia O’Keeffe (1933)

"I would like to tell you every thing that happened to me since the last time we saw each other, but most of them are sad and you mustn’t know sad things now..."

21st February '17 1 475

Dayalets Hellish Vitamin Mascots: Nightmares From The 1950s Doctor's Office

In 1949, Dayalets created mascots to promote vitamins made by Abbott Laboratories, of Chicago, Illinois. Made of food, Dayalet's characters warned against a bad diet.

20th February '17 1 1216

Win A Jethro Tull T-shirt That Will Drive The Girls Wild With Desire

T-shirts meant sex. Wear the right one and you're in luck. So get a load of this offer from Jethro Tull.

18th February '17 1 1263

William Burroughs Terrorises Soho, Sex And Scientology On Dr. Dent’s Magic Formula

He frequented 'Dilly Boys in the local public urinals, almost killed another writer - one who would start a 'religion' - and tormented the owners of the city's first coffee shop until they finally gave in and closed the place