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All posts from Karen Strike

24th May '17 0 565

Alice Cooper's Alcohol Cookbook And Timetable For World Conquest - 1973

In June 1973, Creem magazine issued a directive: "PUT DOWN those needles and quaaludes, kiddo, and pick up the jug!” It was time to get into Alice Cooper’s Alcohol Cookbook and Timetable for World Conquest.”

22nd May '17 1 841

Be Bold with Bananas (1972)

In 1972, Fruit Distributors Limited published Be Bold With Bananas for Banana Importers of Wellington, New Zealand

18th May '17 1 945

The Essence Of Classic 20th Century Movies In A Single Frame - In Pictures

Jason Shulman captures an entire movies in a single photographic image. As the movie plays, Jason records the action through a very long exposure.

17th May '17 4 719

Love Seats For One: Home Decor Snapshots - 1951

These are the real deal from 1950-51. Check out the amazing sofa and the square shadowboxes.

15th May '17 3 2339

The Second World War In Color

The British Ministry of Information took thousands of color photographs of World War 2

12th May '17 3 620

A Day In The Life Of The New York Times - September 10 1942

On Thursday, Sept. 10, 1942 Office of War Information photographer Marjory Collins recorded life at The New York Times newspaper. Let's go...

8th May '17 0 766

Paul Levallois's Hidden Treasure (1981)

Hello everyone, while digging up her garden my sister found a hidden treasure from a 13 year old boy

7th May '17 0 866

The Art of Marbling: 19th Century Decorated and Decorative Paper

6th May '17 0 3281

Max’s Kansas City: Photos Of New York's Wildest Bar (1965 - 1981)

Max’s Kansas City was the place to be in 1970s New York, when the city was bursting with cultural imagination.

4th May '17 0 1169

Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies (Jan. 1968)

Headlined "Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies" the interview is repeated hereunder. It is an "unblushing honest confession".