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All posts from Karen Strike

22nd April '17 1 556

Swimsuit Golf With Ukeleles (1926)

'Keeping cool on the golf course' is a July 9 1926 featuring Dorothy Kelly, Virginia Hunter, Elaine Griggs, Hazel Brown and Mary Kaminsky in bathing suits seated on two large blocks of ice.

19th April '17 0 1715

The Stupendous Old Cincinnati Library (1874 - 1955)

Built in 1874 on the site reserved for an opera house, the Old Cincinnati Library was a thing of wonder.

16th April '17 0 668

Victorian Maps of Very Different Male and Female Hearts

'A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart - Exhibiting its internal communications, and the facilities and dangers to Travellers therein'

6th April '17 0 4291

Porn Magazine Action Figures And Bootleg Things That Suck

Suckadelic, a "Bootleg Toy Company based in Chinatown New York City", stick action figures on magazines to great effect.

31st March '17 1 806

David Bowie Wears A Dress On The Cover Of 1970 Sex Magazine Curious

David Bowie modelled a David Fish dress on Curious magazine Number 19 in 1971

29th March '17 1 1159

Albert Einstein Explains the Meaning Of Life, The Trouble With Girl Scientists And The Secret To Happiness

Albert Einstein on the meaning of life, women in science and learning through joy...

28th March '17 0 1469

Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom - 1937)

In the book, young Franz is gathering mushrooms. His mother explains that although mushrooms look alike, some will harm you. The poisonous mushrooms are the Jews.

27th March '17 0 711

The Distances Between New York Streets And Phantom Avenues (1892)

New York City's grid system is not an exact science. Streets are not equally spaced. The distances between New York City's streets and avenues varies, sometimes by several feet.

26th March '17 1 1059

Fantastic Old Japanese Posters Of Political Campaigns

These political posters from the mid and late 20th Century are fabulous.

26th March '17 3 6132

The Sixteen Pleasures: The Vatican's 16th Century Sex Guide

I Modi (The Ways) is best known as The Sixteen Pleasures, an illustrated sex guide published by Marcantonio Raimondi in 1524.