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All posts from Karen Strike

27th June '17 1 208

Crowds And Queens Celebrate The Crowley, Louisiana, Rice Festival (October 4, 1938)

On October 4, 1938 Crowley, Louisiana, celebrated the town's golden jubilee with a Rice Festival.

22nd June '17 0 1589

Rare Stills From The 1915 Silent Movie Adaptation of Alice in Wonderland

There are pitifully few stills from the 1915 silent movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll directed by W.W. Young.

21st June '17 2 493

WoodSwimmer: A Mesmerising Stop-Motion Film Of A Tree's Story Made By Cutting Through Wood

A mesmerising voyage through a tree.

18th June '17 1 1096

Ralph Steadman's Illustrations for George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1995)

In 1995, Ralph Steadman added his illustrations to a 50 anniversary issue of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

3rd June '17 1 10644

Stevie Nicks And Abba's Frida Star In This Women’s Self Defense Manual (1983)

In 1983 Stevie Nicks starred in Hands Off!: A Unique New System of Self Defence Against Assault for the Women of Today

29th May '17 2 2365

Leo Tolstoy’s Macaroni and Cheese Recipe (1874)

To make Leo Tolstoy's macaroni and cheese, you need to follow the recipe published in Stepan Andreevich Bers' The Cookbook, a compilation of Tolstoy family meals.

25th May '17 0 1339

Lou Reed's 12 Top 10 Records Of All Time

Before we see Lou Reed's top 10 Albums of all time - in 1999 he made a list of 12 - it's worth looking at what he thought went into making a great song.

24th May '17 0 1182

Alice Cooper's Alcohol Cookbook And Timetable For World Conquest - 1973

In June 1973, Creem magazine issued a directive: "PUT DOWN those needles and quaaludes, kiddo, and pick up the jug!” It was time to get into Alice Cooper’s Alcohol Cookbook and Timetable for World Conquest.”

22nd May '17 1 1195

Be Bold with Bananas (1972)

In 1972, Fruit Distributors Limited published Be Bold With Bananas for Banana Importers of Wellington, New Zealand

18th May '17 1 1175

The Essence Of Classic 20th Century Movies In A Single Frame - In Pictures

Jason Shulman captures an entire movies in a single photographic image. As the movie plays, Jason records the action through a very long exposure.