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All posts from Anorak

27th May '17 3 1314

Partying At Fresno State College - 1963

In 1963, Lance Nix was a student at Fresno State College. Is that you in the photo...?

22nd May '17 0 1121

Found Photos Capture Men On Prom Night

These snapshot portraits feature young blades on their way to The Prom.

11th May '17 0 437

Austin Osman Spare: William Blake’s 'Fellow Impoverished South London Angel-Headed Nut-Job'

Described by Alan Moore as William Blake’s “fellow impoverished south London angel-headed nut-job”, Austin Osman Spare has slowly but steadily ascended from obscurity.

18th March '17 3 1049

Ernesto García 'The Chango' Cabral's Bawdy And Brilliant Mexican Movie Posters

Ernesto García “The Chango” Cabral (18 December 1890 – 8 August 1968) lampooned the good, bad and ugly of Mexican life.

3rd September '16 2 2291

Old Auto Accidents in Fresno (1960 - 1966)

These were freelance pictures taken for Fresno's newspaper, the Fresno Bee, from about 1960 through to about 1966.

21st August '16 0 533

This Is Now: The Post-Punk Scene Presents John Maybury's Solitude

Put together by British Film Institute curator William Fowler, This Is Now explored the early 80s explosion in DIY creativity in this field among UK art students, clubbers, New Romantics and members of the post-punk scene...

6th July '16 4 6873

Budding Germ Scientist Jimmy Page, 13, Plays Guitar on BBC Talent Show All Your Own (1957)

It's 1957. A 13-year-old Jimmy Page appears on BBC TV show All Your Own (1952–1961)

1st July '16 2 2598

The Artist Pauline Boty and the Anti-Uglies

"A blonde, vivacious girl, filled with joie de vivre. She was stunning" - Lewis Morley

10th March '16 0 1370

20 Superb Mid-Century Advertising Trade Card Postcards

Want to get ahead in business? Get a postcard...

29th February '16 1 2603

Charles Schulz Draws H.P. Lovecraft

Julien Bazinet imagines what it would look like if Charles Schulz drew H.P. Lovecraft.