Flashbak is a digital collection of thousands of wonderful pictures, stories, letters, sounds and movies from across the past, with one aim – to make the past come alive.

We are also a photographic agency. Many pictures in the shop – FlashbackShop.com – are available to license for print, websites and broadcast.

Contact us at info@flashbackshop.com.

Want to Help?

Making ‘everything old new again’ on Flashbak requires hundreds of hours of research. I need your help.

What began as a plan to show forgotten gems, beautiful things and curiosities from the remotest corners of the web and culture has turned into a full-time job.

My Facebook page is an online exhibition of images and cultural delights from across the world. I’ve attracted over 500,000 Facebook followers and friends worldwide, and tens of thousands more on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

My work has been featured in the international media.

I’ve opened a store selling prints on fine art paper, books, greeting cards, stationery, T-shirts and more.

For any generous readers who would like to make a contribution I am offering various rewards and incentives.

Thank you to anyone who is able or inclined to help my efforts to create an uplifting distraction from the harder things in life.

Paul xx